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Are you using interactive rendering? If so, then displacement is not re-calculated in interactive rendering each time you move your camera (that would be too slow). If you refresh your rendering (i.e. stop and start again), then you should always see the correctly displaced mesh.

@Robert - did you manage to find the cause of this and a solution? We have another user reporting exactly the same thing, on the same CPU. If you have some findings, it would be great if you could share them.

Just an update here, becase Caezar contacted us about the issue again.
This seems to fix the issue:
.\3dsmaxcmd.exe -gammaCorrection:1 -gammaValueIn:2.2 -gammaValueOut:2.2 -script "path-to-script\" "path-to-scene\m.max"

I need help / Re: Animation - Displacement Flickering
« on: 2020-02-13, 17:29:48 »
It's hard to tell what exactly is flickering there. Is it geometry? Bump? GI? UHD Cache? :)
Could you:
- share the same video, but with a small region zoomed in on the flickering part
- the material setup of the flickering floor

Gallery / Re: Child`s imagination [LEGO Porsche 911 RSR]
« on: 2020-02-13, 15:09:12 »
Awesome! I think I know whose names are printed on the door. :)

Gallery / Re: Scandinavian Teaser
« on: 2020-02-13, 14:36:25 »
First 360s, now this animation. You're going to be famous. :)

Ok, so just to close this thread and also officially remove it from my todo ;)

I did little test too. I think there's definitely room for improvement in how Corona handles normal map blending. In attached examples you can see how normal maps are blended in layered material now and how it could look if normal vectors would be properly* averaged. I think difference is quite obvious. maru, i would like you to reconsider that and add this task back to your todo list :]

* that's the best what i could achieve in slate editor, using mix nodes, but i'm pretty sure that proper normal vector calculation and re-normalization would give even better results.

What exactly did you do here? In what way is the "unexpected" result different than the "expected" one (technically, not visually).
I think what you are showing here is what I described here:
So blending identical convex normal map with an identical concave normal map will show both with 50% transparency instead of showing fully flat surface - right?

I need help / Re: [RESOLVED] Linear Workflow (LWF)
« on: 2020-02-13, 13:14:39 »
Color management, tone mapping, linear workflow - all of this can be pretty confusing. But based on my experience (which is not that great in this regard unfortunately) and mostly on what people more knowledgeable and smarter than me told me, the LWF craze is a thing of the past, and we should just forget about it. Modern software like Corona and newer versions of Max have everything set up correctly by default and you just don't have to think about it. Older software usually had a single checkbox that you would need to toggle depending on whether you were saving to exr or doing post in the VFB or AE, so that wasn't a big deal either. :) 

So basically I can confirm everything Juraj wrote in this thread.

I need help / Re: Write Masks to Alpha Channel
« on: 2020-02-13, 11:11:18 »
Isn't every RGB mask saved with its own alpha channel? For example if you save to EXR and open it in PS with the EX-io plugin?

I am really sorry, but as Tom suggested, we will need more details to understand and resolve this. Screenshots, renders, and the scene itself (if possible) would be really helpful.

Gallery / Re: ラーメン
« on: 2020-02-12, 18:05:15 »
The corn looks good to me. The most CG-revealing part are the nori sheets.

Ok, thanks. Did resetting ENU help?

Update: I just realized there is another known solution - try increasing the maxscript memory allocation to 256 or 512 mbytes like this:

Ok, so just to close this thread and also officially remove it from my todo ;)

What happens when we have two materials with different normal maps and we are blending between them: basically it can be seen as just rendering both materials with 50% transparency and then stacking them together on layers. If you have concave normal on one material and convex bump on another material, blending them won't make the resulting surface flat, but instead will show both the convex and the concave bump. See:
This may be a bit unexpected, and having different normal "blending modes" would be really great (so that for example one normal on top of each other would neutralize the underlying one, or would amplify it.

What happens when we have two materials with different properties and we want to blend them, but we want to show one normal map on the whole object: the above description applies. So if we apply the normal map to material 1 only, we will see it only in the areas covered by material 1. If we apply it to material 2 - we will see it only on material 2 areas. If we blend between the materials (for example using a gradient mask) - we will see the normal only on the material to which it is applied, and it will be fading into the non-bumpy material. To get the effect of a single normal map applied to all areas (material 1 and material 2), the normal map has to be applied to both materials.

I am adding an archive here and a .max file saved in 2017 format + renders showing different scenarios (hopefully self-explanatory when accompanied by the above description). Feel free to experiment.

There is also a small bug which produces weird artifacts under specific circumstances, but so far I encountered it just once, and it is reported. So forget about it. :)

General Discussion / Re: Corona 5 Slower?
« on: 2020-02-11, 16:44:29 »
Please try using the newest daily build. It has better Forest Pack support.
Other than that, we are aware of some issues with Corona+Forest Pack, especially when using interactive rendering. We are discussing this with iToo.

This is from a daily build of Corona, right? Does it also happen if you revert to Corona 5?
The only solution to this we currently know about is refreshing the ENU folder, which unfortunately is quite invasive. :(

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