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Hi diviz, this should be fixed in the newest daily build. Can you confirm this?

Hello twcg and thanks for your report.

If it wouldn't be too much work for you, could you create a simple scene for us where we would be able to reproduce the issue? Thanks!

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Another TEAM RENDER problem
« on: 2019-04-18, 17:32:42 »
Hi guys,

when the Team render fails, what does the console window in the Team Render Client show? We added logging of failed assets, so this should show up in the logs somewhere, if that's the problem.

Hi Neb and thanks for your efforts! So the black dots are currently eluding you? :-)

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: LUTS not loading
« on: 2019-04-18, 14:50:15 »
I can't choose to customize the foder.
i had to install the hotfix 1 instead of hotfix 2 and now is working.
Anyway i'll try to install hotfix 2 on other Mac of mine and see how it goes...

Hi, hotfix 2 should be fine now as well. There's only one problem - you have to erase the folder "/Library/Application Support/corona/" before running the new installer, otherwise the "lut" and "ies" directories will have incorrect permissions and they won't be updated for you.

Hi Moritz,

I understand clearly what you're saying. The distribution among multiple clients is done by C4D for us in the Team Render, so I doubt this will be different.

I see...

So I tried to render your scene and it's as I suspected. There has been some subtle difference between VFB and PV for some time now, especially in darker tones. Normally, this is pretty negligible so we concentrated on fixing more serious bugs, but your scene is pretty dark, so the difference is bigger here. I'm afraid that we won't fix this as soon as you'd like, so my workaround suggestion would be to try to save the render and use whichever framebuffer shows the correct result for you.

Hi Core2000,

from the looks of it, there are two things that could be considered different in your images. One of them is the brightness/gamma difference, which could be worked around or ignored. But what strikes me more is the difference in the positions of the camera! Are you 100% sure you're showing the same frame in both images?

Yeah, this should be better in the dailies with the newer TR. As always - don't try it with existing projects though!

We mostly use 8-core processors, so it's possible that it's an issue relevant to dual-core CPUs.

Edit: My bad, you said dual processor... That's more interesting then. Unfortunately I don't know what could be the cause. It might quite possibly be an inherent feature of the system.

Hi everyone,

sorry for taking so long to respond.

There's a lot of issues reported in this ticket. If I understand this correctly:
  • C4D bitmap being slow to render
  • Corona bitmap's texture projection not working under projector or layer shader
  • Bump inconsistency between C4D and Corona bitmaps
  • Texture bluring with a lot of Corona bitmaps (what does this mean?)
  • Slow and buggy material editor (We need more specific information here.)

Numbers 1 and 2 are new to us, we'll need to do our own tests to determine the cause and possibly fix these bugs.
Number 3 seems like a minor issue to me. Just use the setting that produces the best result. Actually, the images seem pretty similar.
Numbers 4 and 5 need more information.

In general, I'd suggest to use C4D native bitmap for now. Corona bitmap needs some more attention from us for now.

Hi Gr100,

what specifically do you find confusing in the instructions? We could fix that in the text.

When you say that Cinema4D crashes, is that for any scene or for some specific one?

Im also having these Problems even in scenes that are not so heavy. For example when i switch off all light-objects in Layer-Manager the ir crashes. My Last hugh project was done with the Beta-Version and this was much more stable in my opinion. Also when using the Take-System and switch between different Light or Mateial settings, the ir crashes a lot, as i said this was not so buggy with the beta version...

Hi ultranerd!

We would like to fix these crashes of course, but in order to fix them we will need reproduction steps. I tried to disable lights in layers while in IR and I was not able to get a crash. If the crash happens in a small new scene, that's even better, because we will be able to reproduce it more easily!


Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Beta A1 that works with R20 ?
« on: 2019-04-05, 13:29:09 »
Any idea when these fixes will be released?

This change will be released in one of the next daily builds. That means a few days or a few weeks at most.

Just thinking out loud here but maybe it would be good to have a small text field saying exactly this. Similar to what is already done inside the Normal map shader.

I know nobody wants a wall of text in there but I continuously get confused about what to flip - I can't imagine someone who is just starting out and his confusion level. Maybe its just me :)

Good point. We will think about that! There's already some text, so adding yet another line is OK

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