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Gallery / Re: New York Apartment
« on: 2019-03-03, 23:28:35 »

Gallery / New York Apartment
« on: 2019-02-26, 13:56:18 »
New York Apartment

Hello everyone, I would like to share my latest personal project.
Software: Corona Renderer 3, Google SketchUp, Autodesk 3ds Max
Thank you for watching !

Gallery / Mariposa 1038 | Los Angeles |
« on: 2018-11-27, 10:44:50 »
Mariposa 1038 | Los Angeles | California
Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

Hello everyone, I would like to share my latest personal project , inspired by multifamily housing project in Los Angeles
Architects : Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects
Location : Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Inspired by Photographs : Paul Vu, Minh Tran, Matthew Brush, Lauren Randolf, Jessica Zollman
Soft: SketchUp, 3ds Max, Corona Renderer 3, Photoshop
Thank you for watching !

Gallery / Re: Winter Mood
« on: 2018-01-28, 12:50:52 »
Hi. Wire or clay... dosen't change the fact that is very well done work :) How did you make the snow on the trees ? (plugin or...?)
Hello, Thank You ! Trees with snow from evermotion with some changes

Gallery / Re: Winter Mood
« on: 2018-01-27, 22:36:02 »
Good attempt to bump it up from 16th, but surely that is not "wire" printscreen. What you have shown is more like clay render.
Thank You ! Its a screenshot from viewport in pefomance mode)

Gallery / Re: Winter Mood
« on: 2018-01-27, 19:57:31 »

Gallery / Winter Mood
« on: 2018-01-16, 09:25:46 »
Hello everyone, I would like to share my latest personal work.
Thank you for watching
3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop.

Gallery / Cloudy Evening
« on: 2017-12-11, 08:54:08 »
Hello everyone, I would like to show you my recent project that I have been working on in my free time.
Inspired by Apartments Charlotte / Michels Architekturbüro / Berlin
Thank You for watching !

Gallery / Re: The Forest Apartment CGI
« on: 2017-11-14, 13:10:52 »
nice work...!! especially the third one...
Thank You !

Gallery / The Forest Apartment CGI
« on: 2017-11-14, 09:37:42 »
The Forest Apartment CGI
3ds Max, Corona Renderer 1.7
Thank You for Watching!

Gallery / Apartments
« on: 2017-11-09, 14:33:56 »
Hello everyone !
Apartments, personal work.
Thank You for watching.

Gallery / Neue National Gallery in Berlin
« on: 2017-10-04, 10:12:53 »

Hello everyone, share with you my personal project that i made in my free time. For reference, I looked at a lot of photos on the Internet, I was also inspired by the work of Bertrand Benoit 'The Field Project'.
I did not set myself the task of accurately copying this beautiful architectural structure, the main goal was to create several images with different moods in my vision.
If you wanna see more, please feel free to visit my behance page.
Thank you for watching !
3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

Gallery / Re: Holiday House
« on: 2017-09-28, 14:55:13 »
Nice renders, well done!
I think though that less color information will give you more realism...just a thought.
Thanks for the feedback! , my goal was not realism, I wanted to make a beautiful colorful cheerful picture =)

Gallery / Re: Holiday House
« on: 2017-09-24, 20:20:04 »
Beautiful lawn, looks super realistic!
Thank You !

Gallery / Re: Holiday House
« on: 2017-09-19, 20:47:56 »
Perfect for me except the car and the tree (2d ?) on the left.
Maybe a little bit dirt on the roof, but the house is great.
Grass and garden are AMAZING !

Thank You! car and tree 3d, wire:

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