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Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Render region issues
« on: 2019-07-04, 09:11:28 »
I would be super happy if regions work on TR. please add that if at all possible.

we are currently fixing the Team Render. Have you tried the Daily build, which has a better version of the TR support?

To enable it in the Daily build, you have to enable Render Settings -> Corona -> Team Render -> Communication -> Arbitrated (experimental). It might also be a good idea to change the packet size to a value that will work best on your network. We are currently working on auto-detection of this value.

This Arbitrated more does not render for me at all, I just have a black render window. Am I suppose to set something on the slaves too?

Thanks for moving it.

Yes, very inconsistent. I tried layered materials a few times, always work, stop, work, stop... that is why I was hesitant to report it earlier. But lately I need them more and more so it got frustrating :)

Thanks for testing!


@Beanzvision, can you move this thread to the bug list or should I open a new one?

would anybody please be able to test this? I would like to bug it if needed, if it is only my PC I would love to know what is causing it...drivers?

I cannot use anything layered at the moment...

I have attached a scene with a cube
For me, when I open the file the cube is visible. It have a layered material on
Take the png I have also attached, when I place that in the layered material mask the cube goes invisible.

Would be good to know if it is my system or something in c4d/ corona?

As the topic say.... sometimes after working in a scene for a while the objects go invisible when I blend two materials with the layered material

Anybody else having this?

I just place corona lights at all the light sources. I use different amounts for direction, different colors per light, some with ies's.
I have corona sky and sun to add light from outside.

I have never had a problem and it seems like corona still render quite fast. I do huge interiors, sometimes open floors for hotels where you see from the reception down the waiting areas with fairly open restaurants etc. I set up multiple cameras and have one huge scene as all is visible in the distance from the individual cameras.

For me it works well to use corona lights wherever possible.
The only time I will use corona light material will be on an object  in the ceiling coves as they are odd shapes and I either use  a corona light material or normal corona material with self illumination on TV screens that need to shine/ glow. Otherwise, hundreds of corona lights do the trick for me.

Hi Tom

I tried uploading the scene with your private uploader but for some reason it kept timed out on this side.
I have upload it wirh the dropbox link, please let me know if you don't get the scene.

Tom, you explained this so nice, maybe you can inform me a bit too :)
Say an image have one part that is noisy and the rest is all clear after a certain amount of time. Does corona keep rendering all pixels or will it focus more on that certain part of the render as it progress?


I have a basic  metal material with bitmaps connected as per attachment.
Look how different Team render render to normal render on local machine

Hi Tom

I am looking for a direct light pass without any diffuse to the pass.
 Please have a quick look at the sample the guy attached in the link or on the vray docs:

the corona direct pass have diffuse included.


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