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Gallery / F-Reda
« on: 2019-04-01, 16:18:28 »
Hi :) A commission for a small developer in Poland

mhhhh... looks like Photoshop is indeed loading the alpha linear now, so I don't seem to be informed very well. Tested an exr here and it seems fine.  (Edit: I did not yet test non-linear image formats :P)
An example of what I find problematic is that you can't do basic pre-divide / post-multiply actions (I'm not talking about remove black matte), so I'm extremely limited in what I can do compositing-wise. Sure, I can stack up all essential corona REs but that's pretty much it - If I have to combine it with something else, this is where it stops. Even color corrections are kind of limited since I have to unpremultiply my passes before I do any color corrections. I'd expect that the curve and levels etc tools all have their internal predivide/postmultiply routine (which I doubt...) but as soon as I do it myself with layer blending or a brush or anything I NEED to unpremultiply first.

But I must admit that photoshop is a topic which drives me crazy anyways (not only because of lwf)... I'm maybe not the right person to discuss this matter in an objective way :D

And has something changed in your approach after the PS 2018/19 exit? Do you still think that when it comes to uncompromising high-end post-processing with Corona RE, it's just AE or Nuke? :) I've been sitting in the graphics for about 20 years and thoughts with a difference in the initial image for clients are really invisible :) Postprocessing in AE or Nuke is associated with 2-3x longer process than in PS

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Re: Panorama Exporter
« on: 2019-01-14, 12:57:12 »

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