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I need help / flipping (green) normals + displacement
« on: 2019-06-28, 10:52:16 »
Dawid (the famous Jawowski_3d) in our office noticed a weird thing with normals in conjunction with displacement and we are wondering why it happens. Its from dabarti scanned textures.

With just a displacement map:

With normals only:

With displacement plus normals:

With displacement plus normals with the green channel flipped:

To our eyes it looks like the green channel on the normals map is being flipped by corona when displacement is enabled, and we need to flip it to make it look correct.

Any ideas what is going on here?

Feature requests / Re: tiled exr tx textures
« on: 2019-04-06, 18:22:23 »
exciting news!

Feature requests / Re: tiled exr tx textures
« on: 2019-03-17, 13:12:16 »
yes definitely has a lot of potential as everyone moves towards bigger and bigger textures.

Feature requests / Re: Corona Tiles
« on: 2019-03-05, 18:24:16 »
+1 !!!

Feature requests / tiled exr tx textures
« on: 2019-02-22, 11:14:09 »
Hello All,

Couldn't find a topic about this so thought I would start one. Just wondering if coronabitmap supports tiled exr or tx formats?

I'm been testing a few scenes where I convert the large bitmaps (over 4k) to tiled exr or tx. Max loads a hell of a lot quicker and it can save a lot of RAM when rendering as well.

Pixamoon's bitmap relinking script can convert automatically, although it currently doesnt support coronabitmap.

any thoughts or experience in doing this?


Hello friends,

I'm a bit out of the loop re: corona development but have just installed max2019 and corona 3 and was interested in testing out displacement.

One of our constant battles is with memory usage and displacement is part of that. I know you are probably sick of me going on about vray 2d displacement but it just worked and I never had any of the issues I have with 3d displacement.

Initial impression of autobump is that it doesn't really solve our problem and in the end just looks like an aggressive bump map. For displacement values of 2-4px in a 5k render it actually looks worse I would say, and for higher displacement pixel values it does definitely help but i don't think its a viable replacement or solution.



General Discussion / Re: Anyone in london Dec 12-16?
« on: 2018-11-11, 17:30:13 »
Yes!! You are always welcome Ondra, 15 people here using corona every day

nice one Simon, will be installing it tomorrow

General CG discussion / Re: best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2018-06-27, 23:12:18 »
we always call them mouses in the office, for some reason mice doesnt seem right!

General CG discussion / Re: best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2018-06-27, 11:03:59 »
also been using an evoluent vertical mouse for about 3 years. Probably about half the office use them now.

Resolved feature requests / Re: AUTO-Exposure please!
« on: 2018-05-28, 01:17:22 »
one of the joys of Corona is that you can just tweak the exposure once you have started rendering, so no need to try to guess the EV level like in Vray. For animations perhaps, but normally I'd just quickly check it using interactive and then keyframe the camera exposure.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: dubcats secret little hideout
« on: 2018-04-11, 18:15:12 »
I love your dreams dubcat :)

I need help / Re: help with a corona related maxscript?
« on: 2018-03-20, 19:32:19 »
ps. its because corona doesn't support random animation offsets with forest pack

I need help / help with a corona related maxscript?
« on: 2018-03-20, 19:31:44 »
Could someone help me convert this vray specific script to corona? I'll be forever grateful!

Code: [Select]
--ProxyClone Script
--(C) 2015 iToo Software
try(DestroyDialog rc_proxy_timer)catch()
Rollout rc_proxy_timer "V-Ray Proxy Cloner"
    local proxyObject
    local bbSize
    local xOffset
    fn proxy_filt obj = classof obj == VRayProxy
    Pickbutton btn_pick_px "Pick Proxy object" across:2 filter:proxy_filt
    button btn_clear "c" enabled:false
    spinner spn_count "Count " enabled:false range:[0,100,0] type:#integer
    spinner spn_frames_offset "Frames Offset " enabled:false range:[0,100,0] type:#integer
    button btn_create_proxies "Duplicate Proxies" enabled:false   
    fn calculateSize =
        bbSize = (proxyObject.max - proxyObject.min)
        xOffset = bbsize[1]
    fn createProxies timeOffset numClones =
            for i = 1 to numClones do
                maxOps.cloneNodes proxyObject cloneType:#copy newNodes:&newSegment
                newSegment.anim_offset = timeOffset*i
    on btn_pick_px picked obj do
        btn_pick_px.text =
        proxyObject = obj
    on  btn_create_proxies pressed do
        createProxies spn_frames_offset.value spn_count.value
        on  btn_clear pressed do
        btn_pick_px.text = "Pick Proxy object"
        proxyObject = undefined
CreateDialog rc_proxy_timer

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