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the problem is when i open a scene, the material load and prepare scene to render take a long long long time... impossibile to work. This is the stuff:
Build timestamp: Oct 31 2018 17:16:51
Version: B2 (core 3)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R20.030 S
OSX: high sierra 10.13.6

anyone notice that?!?

as I report in another thread and don't have any answer, and as other users note, I cannot work with corona under OS X Yosemite.
When render start, after 200-300 passes, corona crash... he seems to be working but if i try to save the .cxr, corona crash or unexpectedly close cinema... i don't really know what to do, cause I cannot work with it... no matter scene size.. no memory problem ( under windows he work perfectly in a computer with less memory )... the only thing I know is that with OS X yosemite , corona don't work...
I attach the bug report... i hope someone could help me soon with this problem


cannot render with corona under OS X yosemite 10.10.5 and cinema 4d studio r19. unfortunately i cannot post the scene... but the same scene, rendered in the PC WIN renders fine.... same scene... same resolution everything it's the same... rendered at 4000 x 2000 in OS X corona crash after some passes.... i have a mac pro late 2013 with 32 G of ram.... the PC it is a simple i7 with 16 G of ram... and if i renders the scene in the PC at 7000 x 3500 everything is fine.... in the mac version corona crash....
i use:
Build timestamp: Feb  5 2018 10:05:29
Version: B1  (core 1.7)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R19.053 S

in little words,on OS X , the renders start and seems to work fine.... when i try to save a CXR step, the plugin crash and i have to force the exit in cinema 4d... a cannot understand what's happen. I post a screenshot and the bug report.txt.
thanks a lot

corona image editor and corona standalone, versione b1 rc1 ( the latest released ) crash every time on cinema 4d R19 OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
attached the picture...

i'm doing tests with the latest beta built available but i have to say that the VFB just does not work .. we are talking about c4d R19 and osx 10.9.5 mavericks ... the problems they encounter are essentially interface. Once the render is launched, and trying to play with lightmix, the interface goes wrong almost immediately ... after a while the lighmix is ​​no longer updated ... set a value of a light but the VFB does not update ... if you use the TAB to move from one light to another, it does not work ... if it stops rendering then it is no longer possible to relaunch it because the button makes it stays GRAY and you can not click it ... you have to always go out and come back on C4D until at some point cinema is being crashed and even you have to turn off your computer because even if forced output, corona and cinema do not close … I try to made a new scene and using corona but the same things happens…
anyone OSX users have the same problems with the latest beta built??

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / normal map
« on: 2017-09-11, 17:46:17 »
Hello at all,

as Nikola ask me, i open this thread about normal map. After made some test, I finally reach the result that for me the shader Corona normal don't work in the right way. I speak about the last daily beta built available on OSX system.
I here attach the JPG result and also the C4d r19 project with the 3 sphere and the 3 different corona materials, with the 3 options i choose to test:
1 - normal in bump channel
2 - normal in corona normal shader
3 - normal in corona normal shader, but using a level, with the inverted normal and the color 127 127 255 to regulate the intensity of the normal

The only that work fine is the 3 sphere, with the third material, that is the same way work fine till the A6.1 alpha version. the 2 sphere work fine but the normal is inverted... the 3 sphere, don't work in my opinion... the result is totally wrong.
Let me know what you thinks

so I have a short question: now I'm using the version a6.3 for OSX, and I'm looking to update to the next version... so I saw that the latest stable version is the a6.4 right? this versione include the solved problem to normal map or not?? i have such a lot of material with normal map, and before to change version I'd like to be sure that the problem is solved first to convert all this material..

other question: in your opinion it is better that I install a6.4 or directly pass to the beta version 29-08-2017 ?? is this a stable version too or it is better to use the a6.4 for working? i'm doing only static interior picture... nothing else.....
thanks at all


i was working in a scene, that is something like a wardrobe cabinet, with glass door... and inside this wardrobe there are spotlight to the ceiling, that i made with corona light, the type is " sector " and it is a sphere sector... the problem is that you could see in the picture... when light pass throughout the glass, very strange pixel were made by corona... and this is not normal noise, cause this pixel increase during the render time...
i was trying many and many solution... change light type... reflection... refraction..etc.... deleting also the glass of the wardrobe doors... the problem still remain, and not only in this scene, but in all the scene like this... what happen??

i'm using corona in a interior scene, with osx 10.9.5 cinema 4d r17.048 and corona a6.1 ( i think the last official release).
only in a interior scene corona crash every time when i launch the render via VFB.... only in this scene ... i try to copy past in a new scene.. in a previous working scene... not working anymore....
i attache the bug report....

as you could see in the pictures attached, it seems that corona not read well the tag phong or do something wrong in the mesh surfaces...
the model is the macbook pro and the imac and they always worked well with other engines.. and the mesh are ok....
what's happen??
let me know please

I need urgent help ... this morning I do not open anymore Cinema 4d ... well .. the problem is the corona plugin because if I remove the plug c4d working fine ... I can not understand why because I have always worked quietly ... I also tried to connect to the official forums today but the site does not work .. I urgently need to understand how to solve the problem .. details:
C4D r17.048 study
OSX 10.9.5
corona  a6 all version

I tried to uninstall and re install it with the appropriate installers but nothing ... I do not know which way to turn …
I also have the c4d reports when I hardly close c4d.

it is possibile to develop a tool to convert material from maxwell render to corona?
it will be very great...

for some reason when i install corona plugin for c4d studio r17.048 on my mac OSX machine, the plugin of maxwell render does not work anymore... if I remove corona plugin, maxwell render goes fine.
what happen???

maxwell render plugin write: SDK call writeMXS failed

with the previous RC5 corona plugin everything works fine!!

hello... i try to fix the problem of Jagged Edges and AA in c4d - corona on OSX but the problem still very heavy.
i follow this tutorial
and other thread found in internet but nothing... the problem is solved only if we use image filter width to 2 and clamping to 2... but all the lighting of the scene it is weird... the light don't work in a normal way...

i attach an example of what i mean...  there, there is a backlight that compromise all the AA filtering... and bigger it is the resolution, bigger is the problem.
what we could do to avoid this situation in backlight situation??

just installed the latest release.... resume rendering still don't work, and also, the store current VFB don't work well... we try to save a snapshot from a current VFB history, but only a black image will be saved... all this is OSX version!!

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