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Bug Reporting / corona 4 updates - thoughts
« on: 2019-06-12, 12:24:20 »
This is the first time, I had an overwhelming feeling of "wauw" concerning any product update, in regards to performance and UI-response when rendering.

The IR and the standard render engine, combined with the UI-updates, are a breath of fresh air...

Better viewport feedback on environment maps who have corona color corect would be wonderful, espeacialy with HDRI maps, they're overlit for viewport usage 90% of the time and when using a corona color correct on an environment map, it becomes distorted in the viewport + no exposure updates in viewport.

Gonna toy with Caustics now.

Thank you for this update!

General Discussion / 3D Studio Max 2020
« on: 2019-03-27, 15:42:54 »

I was wondering when you guys will be bringing out a 2020-version?

Also, do you know if autodesk did any improvements to play nice with plugins like corona, forest pack pro, etc, ... ? Cause their list of features is rather short on info, do you guys know anything more?


I need help / Artifacts
« on: 2019-02-20, 20:55:09 »

Has anyone seen artifacts like this in their renders yet? What's the source?


I need help / Corona volume material
« on: 2019-02-08, 13:05:40 »

I'm setting up an HDRI environment, with the aid of "Mist" coming from the Corona Volume Material. I turned the HDRI 360° and made some renders to check.

Getting some anomalies, does anyone recognize this? Globe of light moving across the "lens" when the sun is behind the camera? How can I prevent this from happening?


I need help / CoronaVolumeMtl + Opacity
« on: 2019-02-01, 08:19:09 »

Can someone comfirm that cutout opacity maps (for example leafs) aren't respected within the CoronaVolumeMtl?

The leaf geometry is respected, but not the opacity. Rather annoying if it's true, cause I'd have to use high-res trees with leafs being the geometry.

I need help / Corona image batch processing
« on: 2018-11-19, 15:04:51 »

I'm reading the help file, and i'm succesfuly putting out the frames i need. I can't seem to apply the denoise settings though, in the help file it says the following:
- You can manually create or edit the .conf files if you choose, but it is
usually much easier to set the parameters visually using the GUI version of
the Corona Image Editor or the Corona VFB (for example, to add denoising to
a .conf file saved from the VFB, add the following line:
Int denoise.filterType = Full)

Can someone explain to me where I need to put "Int denoise.filterType = Full" in the batch file? I dont see it.

Also, am I understanding correct, that if I apply the post/lightmix changes to one frame, save them out like explained in the help file, this will INCLUDE the denoise settings for the lights as well?

Meaning: If I chose to denoise Light A, B but not C, will this continue to be applied to the other frames with the desnoise settings? It remembers which lights and such?


Hardware / render / workstation
« on: 2018-10-06, 11:01:02 »
Hey Guys;

I have a question for rendering animations.

Im checking the expenses for buying render/work stations, with either

2x the AMD threadripper 1950X 16c/32t or

1x the AMD threadripper 2990WX 32c/64t.

See attached.

It's much cheaper to buy one big computer with the 2990WX since I dont need to buy everything else 2x like the motherboard etc

Can someone advise. Is using 1 computer for an animation going to work as good as 2x computers, with double the capacity in CPU cores?

General Discussion / corona + autodesk backburner
« on: 2018-08-22, 21:37:14 »
I accidentaly sent alot of renders to the backburner with the render-region still active. It would help if I had the option to turn off region-rendering when in backburner. So out of curiosity; is there ever going to be a connection between corona and backburner to additionaly change settings afterwards or is this opening pandora's box for developers? :P

General Discussion / substance designer - PBR materials
« on: 2018-07-06, 09:19:39 »
Can someone tell me (who is using substance designer) how easy the pipeline is between the substance designer software and max / corona? Im not sure if I should be investing buying these materials on cgtextures. Is this story of creating materials going to stick?

I'm a little paranoid.

I need help / IR on full res
« on: 2018-06-08, 14:00:49 »
Is there a way to have the Interactive Render engine render a 4K image? (I'm experimenting)


I need help / displacement issue
« on: 2018-04-19, 16:06:35 »
Hey everyone.

On the image attached you will see a displacement happening, however it's not really the same for every wall. Some appear to have it (ceiling) whilst others seem to have no displacement at all. The ceiling, walls and floor are 1 object with all vertecis connected.

I'd like to see equal displacement on all surfaces.

Pixel size for displacement is 1, would prefer to use 2 but okay. The displacement is not in the material shader, but rather with a "CoronaDisplacementMod" on top of the object as a modifier.

Please advise :)


I need help / cleaning up wire parameters
« on: 2018-04-08, 22:14:12 »
Hello I was checking out the tutorial on linking wire parameters for the HDRI * Sun target rotation

I seem to be having alot of foreign crap in there - does anyone know of a script to clean these things out? Is it dangerous to just clean this?


I need help / Picado brik material
« on: 2018-03-21, 13:01:44 »

I would need to create following material for a current project; I'd like some input as to what the best way of approach would be.

Close ups are mandatory! - so i'm thinking of generating an 8000pixel map in the end of the line

I thought about actualy creating the material in 3D and generating the maps from it, but it's to much work.

Attached you can find some close up and overview pictures of what I need to achieve -

Any input would be appreciated



Bug Reporting / Enviro sampler - artifacts in lighting
« on: 2018-01-17, 15:47:20 »
Im getting weird looking squares on certain geometry when rendering - anyone got an idea what im looking at?...

>> it's only happening in the lightpass of the HDRI... ?... ??


Hey Guys;

Problem: I have a model in 3dstudio max with box mapping mostly.

In unity it's important to have unwrapped models because there cannot be any overlapping mapping - this is to avoid artifacts in lighting and textures...

SO I need to find a script that takes the mapping from my models in max, and automaticaly puts it into a unwrapped mode - with the textures as they were

I have no time to unwrap these models, is there a script for this?


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