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Gallery / Restaurant Exterior
« on: 2018-02-09, 13:12:06 »
i created an exterior, dawn mood render for a restaurant. Its a additional building to an existing building, and the architecture should incorporate itself into the existing building.

i'm aware of all the details missing, for example it would be nice to have a little dirty facades, the roof details are not perfect, the transition between grass and stone floor is not worked out perfectly.
But i want to have youre opinion about mood, composition, color etc.
thank you very much guys :D

Resolved feature requests / Create Watermarks
« on: 2017-06-21, 15:50:42 »

I sometimes have to put on Watermarks on the renderings, with the name of the architecture firm.
I could easily do it afterwards in Photoshop, but i hate every step i have to do outside of rendering, because even after the smallest change in the image you have to do the steps in Photoshop again. So i tried it in 3ds max, i made just a plane and put a material with the opacity map from the logo on it.

The Problem is in evening scenes the white logo becomes grey. And with self illumination it is white, but it is effected by bloom and glare which is not what i want.

How would you create something like this in 3ds max and corona?

Thanks for help

I need help / Interior Render artificial light
« on: 2017-05-19, 12:55:47 »
Hello guys

Am currently rendering some interior pictures for a client.
this picture will get some furniture on the parquet floor, and some green/water things in the back.

My Problem is: The Bar on the right is mainly lit through artificial lights, these spots in particular. I dont know why but it looks very it because of the model? the materials? the lights? i need help :)
the lights are not defined by the clients, i have to create them by my own.

Resolved feature requests / Material Presets
« on: 2016-01-21, 10:32:36 »

I have a requested feature: Material Presets.
Im working in the architectural business with 3ds max and Corona. In 3ds max Design the default renderer is mental ray, and with mental ray you have this preset Materials called "Arch&Design".
So i thought it would be nice to have something similar with corona. So if you buy and install corona, you have some basic materials and Textures such as Glass, Concrete, Wood, Steel etc.

I think that would be great for new users to join Corona as their first render engine. They can look how the preset materials work and have a quicker result. For me i have my own mat library but it would be a great marketing point if i can say to my colleagues who dont have any experience in rendering that they can just apply preset Materials in the first case.

Gallery / Business Park
« on: 2016-01-21, 00:00:11 »
Hello all

I made an interior and exterior render and post process for a client. I'd like to have your opinion and tips what i can do better. Im relatively new with corona and the whole CGI scene.
(The Camera is given by the client, but i'd like to have critics there too, so i can advise the client better)

Thanks a lot!

(I have the raw render and the post processed ones here)

Gallery / First Work: Apartment in Winterthur, Switzerland
« on: 2014-06-08, 22:37:30 »

I'm really new here and just finished my first work with Corona Render: a arch student work apartment house interior in Winterthur Switzerland.
Because its for an exam and the room structure and architecture is important, furniture and decorations should be as less as possible.

what do you think?

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