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Off-Topic / new work starting
« on: 2018-11-22, 12:34:35 »
new work starting......

what is the speed improvement Corona 2 vs 1.7.4?? I mean overall render time taken  to achieve the desired noise level for example3%

General Discussion / Denoiser filter for RenderMan 20
« on: 2015-07-18, 20:20:32 »
RenderMan's new denoising technology, originally developed at Disney, can dramatically reduce render times while delivering images of the highest quality. Now you can render faster with fewer samples, resulting in an initially noisier image which is then transparently filtered by the Denoiser, producing a high-quality final image
here are some help full links
can we implement this for corona ????
expect in near future ???

General CG discussion / Hi any one here using i7 4790k
« on: 2014-08-04, 19:35:57 »
Hi i want to buy i7 4790k any suggestions and what motherbord would be good in budget (30k INR)

I need help / I need help with Glass material
« on: 2014-07-03, 14:08:41 »
I am rendering A interior ....with curtain walls.... you can see  images
however problem is when i am rendering curtain wall with glass material  with no thickness to glass  and ( Thin (no refraction)) no i am able to render it with Sunlight in side hall.
But when i am rendering with 10mm thickness to my glass And turning Off  ( Thin (no refraction)) i couldn't able to see sunlight in side hall ..can any one  help me what i am do wrong here
i want sunlight in  hall the same time i want my glass some thickness TOO...Can any one help  me here

Title explain everything i want to render a spherical panorama 360...i do not know how to render this. Can any one help me please ????

General Discussion / Hey can any one help me with this
« on: 2014-03-29, 16:56:12 »
hey here i am new to corona ...However not that much. I am using it since Nov 2013
so my problem is with GI
when i render with normal corona material it looks fine however when i add floor with texture GI goes crazy ....
can any one here help me  .......what i am doing wrong please ??? or any idea to get rid of that color red
please see the image

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