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Hi guys,

i need to produce a multipass layer with only caustics.
I would like to overlap this layer with my main image. My intent is to produce a more intense effect than default.

Hi guys,

just a little question.
How can i connect my monitor color profile to VFB.
In the attached file you can see that the change to color profile in cinema sort no effect to VFB but in PW yes.
Any Idea?

Feature requests Cinema 4D / vray adv bitmap converter
« on: 2018-05-31, 11:16:34 »
hi guys, the convertion of vray bitmap don't works properly.
Lights, materials an camera is ok ....

Hi guys,

The corona proxy lost textures and shading. Somebody can help me?

Work in Progress/Tests / Corona for C4D simple test
« on: 2016-12-14, 08:51:57 »
Hi guys,

here a small test made with corona for C4D using Lightmix, DOF, translucensy, refraction.

Somethink similar to Octane render :D :D :D

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Corona C4d vs Substance Source
« on: 2016-12-06, 12:12:15 »
More crash creating a material with substane source instances!

:( :( :(

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