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General CG discussion / BerconTiles (again)
« on: 2019-02-17, 20:49:30 »
i'm facing a bug with Bercontiles map into max...

I use them usually to render wooden planks on wall for cabins, but it doesnt work anymore...

Attached, 2 renders :
- an interactive one, with correct gamma random change when used with planks on multitexture attached to color 01
- then normal render, no random change, Multitexture parameters doesnt seems to have an effect on the planks.

It's the same shader, just 2 different render types.

Funny parts, the log window tell me that Bercontiles isnt working on Interactive render, but the opposite happens.

I had a look on the forum, and I got the same problems than others with bump effect or displacement not working.

Any idea ?

Coronatiles maybe ? Tiles stuff are very common on architecture and as Corona is used a lot in archviz, it will be logical and very (very) nice ! :)

See ya

I need help / Megascan Bridge to 3dsmax & Corona
« on: 2018-04-04, 16:16:40 »
i'm having noobs trouble to import megascan model to max...

I bought 3D stuffs and exported it with the script from the Bridge in Corona & FBX...
When I import it, no shaders applied, just geometry... it' seems obvious... but I cant figure the workflow out.
Even with the video tutorial from Megascan...

Thanks to help !


I need help / Real Snow shader
« on: 2018-03-26, 11:25:23 »
Hi !
I'm trying to re create this shader, made into Maya...

I'm working with 3DSMAX & Corona, and can't get the same result, just the step 2....

Any idea to get the 3 last steps working ? With Max procedural maps of course ;)

Bug Reporting / Frame buffer & Node rendering problem
« on: 2018-03-14, 21:21:01 »
Hello in here !
Sorry to bother you again, but i got some problems on heavy scene when rendering with Corona...

First the main machine (from which I render) doesnt start rendering while my other WS do it (as a node).
As shown on the screenshot, the node do every passes.

So, I think it lead to the VFB pb, where strips appears. As the initial pass seems to bug on my main computer, VFB shows those black marks (sorry I needed to pain some black for discretion).

I get rid of this by restarting my main computer, but not very efficient on huge scene.

This WS is a bi xeon, 64 gb and the node the same in bi xeon and 128 gb. Corona 1.7 HF 2

Thank you !

Resolved feature requests / Itoo Suite Corona Compatibility
« on: 2018-02-05, 12:56:42 »
Hi there !
As Forest Pack and RailClone work really great with Vray for certain features, as certain nodes, will the Vray compatibility makes Corona fully handled by iToo Suite ?

Thanks !

Resolved bugs / Max Crash when changing EV
« on: 2018-01-29, 15:32:17 »
I had a little search before posting this bug but not sure it's not already reported...

When I change the EV number of a CoronaCam (Modifier panel setting), Max crash...

Nothing more to add... just weird, and harder to get the correct exposure !

Thanks !

I need help / Real Cool Alpha
« on: 2017-11-08, 18:59:52 »

i'm getting a bit crazy here as I cant never have real alpha cutout on my renders.
Whatever I try I always get an edge all around, even when using Cache>Remove Stroke (that is for me a non-solution : they shouldnt be here).

Am I the only one here getting tropuble with alpha cutout ?

Thank you !

Resolved bugs / Corona version mismatch.
« on: 2017-11-07, 18:33:16 »
Corona version mismatch. Slave version: 1.6 (hotfix 3), Master version: 1.7
The image may come out wrong (e.g. darker or missing objects) because of this.   

I reinstalled 2 times Corona on this specific node, still the same log.

I need help / Whole DRserver system gone
« on: 2017-10-10, 02:03:13 »
I'm facing a problem using DR with 2 WS and 4 nodes.

Actually, I just got a new WS and adding it to my network just broken everything that was well running before.

No Node can connect to the Master WS01, and they also appear sometime connecting to WS02 IP (but no License Server on it) and no more to the WS01 one...
The WS02 DRserver cant connect to the Ws01, neither the nodes... but I can access everywhere through windows and eveything ping well.

Any idea why a new installation would have broke evrything ? I'm out of idea here...

Thanks ! :)


Bug Reporting / 3DSMAX rendering exception
« on: 2017-07-04, 16:18:25 »
i'm facing a pb since some day, as you can see in the attachment.

I thought it was maybe coming from a plugin as PSD manager, as it happens at the end of the rendering, when 3DS is "cleaning" and before psd-manager compose the psd file.

But even without psd-manager, the rendering fails at the end.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

I need help / [solved] DR nodes - various RAM usage
« on: 2017-06-14, 01:16:45 »

my render nodes dont get the same amount of data when rendering, but they are all the same...

Is it normal ? Does it influence the render time ?

Thanks ! :)

I need help / Alpha channel influenced by a blend mask
« on: 2017-06-13, 21:25:41 »
Hi there,
I'm having a trouble with an alpha RE.

The pass seems to be influenced by the mask of the blend material of the ground.
It's a common blend shader with a procedural map as a mask... nothing more.

But after opening it on PS, I get translucency on the ground...

Where does it come from ? I never had it before...

Thanks !

Jules (nemluvim Czecky French guy from EUE)

Hi there, thanks for this awesome 1.6 version, really nice upgrade, good to see this piece of bytes going such a good way ! :)

I facing an issue to get a good alpha channel after saving from the Corona IE..
Saving in exr/png doesnt give me any alpha channel, or a full white one. I'm used to work this way and understand how it works, but here...

I'm working with and HDR in environment slot & with lightmix.

How to get it ?

Thanks I feel dumb ! :D

I need help / Very long pre-calculation...
« on: 2017-04-20, 15:57:39 »
Hi there,
I'm having a rude moment on a professionnal project... This is a not-ending rendering ! :D

12hXX something for a 4K picture, with displacement but not so much nor huge vegetation nor nothing special...

See the first rending, over, to see the actual scene.
Then, the pre-calculation never ending on an update for the same project.

For the scene :
- stone is displaced
- corona sun & sky
- HDRI override reflection
- Vegetation & car & characters in proxies

Nothing special I gess ?

I'm rendering it on a bi-xeon 2630v2 32Go RAM + 4 Nodes with i7 4790 16Go RAM... so pretty good set-up for a still work in 4K.

Can you help me to optimize this scene ?

Thx !


General Discussion / April fool
« on: 2017-04-01, 12:34:48 »
Let's hope you guys get back from Comic Sans MS font into Corona FB :D

Nice one :D

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