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Bug Reporting / Displacement artifact
« on: 2019-07-11, 16:54:00 »
Hi, sort of "long time no see". I just downloaded Corona 4.0 hot fix for 3ds Max '19 and I'm facing this particular issue - See the attached screenshots and GIF

What's weird is restarting the IPR make the problem go away but come back when I restart the IPR again or move the camera.. it gets refreshed on changes such as filtering that I mentioned bellow, which I first thought was the cause of the issue.

• Problem: artifact you see (dark triangles)+ flatten displacement in some (random?) areas in the plane

• What I tried:
- plane is simple default Max plane, nothing fancy added
- different filtering (0.01 OFF or 1 ON) and filtering mode
- material disp and also CoronaDisp modifier
- different Corona Settings from Displacement Screen Size
- Tried the map in another renderer, no issue. The maps are all fine.

Am I perhaps missing a detail?

Work in Progress/Tests / Mercedes E-Class Coupé
« on: 2018-11-12, 11:36:05 »

Deleted content.

I rely a lot on node workflow. It's nice we have one in Corona now but it's not over yet. I'm feeling very limited for the moment, especially on procedural workflow. It works great on simple texture/UV based workflow.

This is a list I'll update on what can be improved for a more professional and "production ready" node editor.

• Shortcuts
• Solo node (a way to bypass the "links" (ropes) and only see the selected node, important when working on albedo /roughness maps for exemple - Octane/Arnold has two ways to do it : right click + solo for Octane, and a shortcut with Arnold to link the selected shader directly to the node output (Arnold works differently, it works with an output input)
• When creating a new material in the node, it creates a new one in the material manager, this should be removed and work the same as in Arnold/redshift.
• More nodes : Invert (without using the color-correct node), Multiply, Float (value of 0-1), Projection (UV) & Transform ( are a good start. 
• More curve/slider UI for nodes than default C4D basic gradient workflow.
• Tedious task but maybe replace the C4D compatible shader by some real Corona shaders ? Imagine Maxon decides to remove some shaders, and overall it's always better to have custom made shaders like all other renderers, for more control and user preferences.
• Invert checkbox directly in CoronaBitmap, to avoid the over use of ColorC_Node

Hi. I've probably tried all possible nodes (native C4D, Triplanar, UVW Random') nothing can resize a texture (corona bitmap). Not sure if it's a bug, a missing feature or something else.

I do like to have a Corona Transform node like in Octane, it's very simple and straigh forward. The GIF has a cut, I don't know if video is supported here so I GIFed the video.


• Texture to Light : Already requested here :
• IF Light texture : UV Transform/projection/Border Mode for more control : exemple on this video tutorial for Octane
• Built in Cinema 4D Target tag (like in the Arnold Light exemple, very handy, personally using this a lot to not say all the time).
• Mixed Sun/sky (all in one) :

PS : Roudness can be done by using a circle light (without the transition from rectangle to circle tho, but never used it this way), just showing what is possible and what can be possible.

Feature requests / Optical Zoom
« on: 2018-09-06, 06:30:22 »
Really useful and helpful ! Workaround for me is to play with focal lenght. From 50mm to 300...Optical zoom is the magic feature :

With the recently added node editor, some shaders are missing such as vertex map shader like in  Redshift or Arnold :

Vertex map workflow is really helpful for advanced procedural texturing (node based)

First and foremost, thank you very much to the team for this release. We are going forward and it's really great to see it.

The UI is very clean! Better than what I expected, kudos guys! This is my feedback regarding this new release from 2018-08-03. I know it's very early, in beta but still had to give you what I think might help you. Feedback list (updating it while I work/test)

• add option to allow us to add a shortcut to connect the current selected shader directly as the output i.e :
• optimization workflow improvement : disable the material preview as much as possible, making the rendering focused only on the IR instead of IR + each material previews (if you see what I mean).
• can't delete a node with the DEL key from the keyboard.
• can't zone-select (the blue rectangular shape on the windows desktop for exemple) inside the node editor
• no shortcut option to make appear a search bar in the node editor and directly type the shader  we are looking after.
additionally to the default left search bar, this is helpful when going fast.
• no CTRL (hold) and drag. Resulting in a duplication of the selected nodes/shaders.
• I can see my octane shaders list when opening the "create" rolling menu above. Making only Corona-compatible shaders available is a plus (especially when people have multple renderers, it gets messy).
• Between different nodal materials, the editor does not update when switching between them (nodal materials). I found a way for now : create a new view, and drag and drop from the material manager, to make it appear in the node editor.
• Materials are created in C4D's material manager when added from the node editor. Would be nice to contain them inside the node editor, like Arnold/Redshift. Currently it's similar to Octane If I remember correctly, resulting in to many materials while we only need one which contains all the nodes inside him. (I hope you can understand what I'm trying to explain, I can re-phrase if needed).
• Missing shader : simple mixer. Being able to mix texture or shaders without using the big layered material to mix just two things.
> EDIT : To mix you can use LAYER shader (default c4d one), it's still layered but works very well since it has a 0-100 ramp/fader. Instead of adding a mix material, the layer shader can be transformed into node with "unlimited" inputs.
• Suggestion : "Views" in the material node system being automatically linked to the layer name. So we don't get default name and we know where/what is happening.
• Default C4D "Layer" shader is not a solution for layering (let's use mixing instead) maps/shaders (but not material). It's slow to load even when empty and has no inputs connection yet which isn't handy to work with. I just guess it's the early beta and might something to be added later on.

Feedback from other Beta users
• Cinemike : drag and drop bitmap files from an explorer window
• furtonb : alignment and distribution of nodes: when dragging multiple already existing materials into the nodal editor, it takes a lot of time to arrange nodes in a usable manner (especially when doing dozens of them at once)
• koubankeo : So far only kendo shader-karate tiles and interactive rendering are not working. Cinema layer shader is not supported? Shader fusion causes crash. And textures manager is empty..
• bumikk : Delete key should delete selected nodes + add shortcuts for moving and resizing viewport: key "1" + mouse drag for move and key "2" + mouse drag for zoom

• stability issue (I totally understand it's an early release of the node editor)
• My left bar disappeared, no idea how she did and how to get her back. Using right click option for now.
> EDIT : seems like I'm just being a bit delusional. I think I'm getting confused with Redshift/arnold node editor lol.
• C4D crashed when trying to mix two reflection with layered material > plugged in another layered material. This is why the mix shader can be lighter and more appropriate.
> EDIT : crash only when IR is running. Works fine without it.
• "Sort Selected nodes" not sorting.
• Node editor doesn't update automatically the current selected material. I have to create a new view > drag (import) the new node material to edit it.
• right click + add connections seems to not work yet. I was about to suggest this option but it's here already I guess.
• when using IR, after some tweaking in the node editor, the IR is no longer updating the recent tweaks. Restarting the IR to make the new shader adjustments appear.
• in interactive rendering when using a shader filter, the material turns yellow. Restarting IR helps.

^ 2018-08-04 --------------------------------------------

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Megascans R channel displacement
« on: 2018-02-21, 00:54:39 »
How to split RGB channels with megascans EXR displacement map?

Feature requests Cinema 4D - resolved / AIO sun-sky
« on: 2018-02-17, 17:42:23 »
Add Corona Sun + Corona Sky : A few seconds saved and less back and forth mouse clicks between sky and sun :)

Deleted content.

I need help / Long Progressive rendering
« on: 2018-01-13, 14:22:59 »
I've been working on projects recently with  carbon fiber involved in. I made the carbon, so far so good, but rendering takes a lot of time (compared to Arnold for exemple). That is one of the weakness of Corona (despite I love this renderer). Subtle normal/bump + specular details, taking 30minutes to get an aproximate final look of the shader (on a test shader sphere, or the object itself, my case : a car).

This moment where I miss Buckets. If you want to delete buckets you should make sure they are compensate by efficient progressive rendering. No offense to the dev team, you are doing an amazing job! All my respect for that. I'm just sending you my feedback based on my work, which is showing the weakness of Corona a little bit...Perfect renderer dosen't exist but I'm quite sure there is a way to improve it. 

Basically : the carbon shader takes a long time while the other shaders/materials are noise free. the carbon is poping white pixel one by one...white pixel being the fiber of the carbon (where light is facing it and getting reflected).

Is there a way to improve that in the settings? Or improve the core itself in the future?

Resolved feature requests / OSL Support
« on: 2018-01-12, 13:41:22 »
As requested by HOUSKA, reposting this thread here for the Core engine :;topicseen

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