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I need help / flipping (green) normals + displacement
« on: 2019-06-28, 10:52:16 »
Dawid (the famous Jawowski_3d) in our office noticed a weird thing with normals in conjunction with displacement and we are wondering why it happens. Its from dabarti scanned textures.

With just a displacement map:

With normals only:

With displacement plus normals:

With displacement plus normals with the green channel flipped:

To our eyes it looks like the green channel on the normals map is being flipped by corona when displacement is enabled, and we need to flip it to make it look correct.

Any ideas what is going on here?

Feature requests / tiled exr tx textures
« on: 2019-02-22, 11:14:09 »
Hello All,

Couldn't find a topic about this so thought I would start one. Just wondering if coronabitmap supports tiled exr or tx formats?

I'm been testing a few scenes where I convert the large bitmaps (over 4k) to tiled exr or tx. Max loads a hell of a lot quicker and it can save a lot of RAM when rendering as well.

Pixamoon's bitmap relinking script can convert automatically, although it currently doesnt support coronabitmap.

any thoughts or experience in doing this?


Hello friends,

I'm a bit out of the loop re: corona development but have just installed max2019 and corona 3 and was interested in testing out displacement.

One of our constant battles is with memory usage and displacement is part of that. I know you are probably sick of me going on about vray 2d displacement but it just worked and I never had any of the issues I have with 3d displacement.

Initial impression of autobump is that it doesn't really solve our problem and in the end just looks like an aggressive bump map. For displacement values of 2-4px in a 5k render it actually looks worse I would say, and for higher displacement pixel values it does definitely help but i don't think its a viable replacement or solution.



I need help / help with a corona related maxscript?
« on: 2018-03-20, 19:31:44 »
Could someone help me convert this vray specific script to corona? I'll be forever grateful!

Code: [Select]
--ProxyClone Script
--(C) 2015 iToo Software
try(DestroyDialog rc_proxy_timer)catch()
Rollout rc_proxy_timer "V-Ray Proxy Cloner"
    local proxyObject
    local bbSize
    local xOffset
    fn proxy_filt obj = classof obj == VRayProxy
    Pickbutton btn_pick_px "Pick Proxy object" across:2 filter:proxy_filt
    button btn_clear "c" enabled:false
    spinner spn_count "Count " enabled:false range:[0,100,0] type:#integer
    spinner spn_frames_offset "Frames Offset " enabled:false range:[0,100,0] type:#integer
    button btn_create_proxies "Duplicate Proxies" enabled:false   
    fn calculateSize =
        bbSize = (proxyObject.max - proxyObject.min)
        xOffset = bbsize[1]
    fn createProxies timeOffset numClones =
            for i = 1 to numClones do
                maxOps.cloneNodes proxyObject cloneType:#copy newNodes:&newSegment
                newSegment.anim_offset = timeOffset*i
    on btn_pick_px picked obj do
        btn_pick_px.text =
        proxyObject = obj
    on  btn_create_proxies pressed do
        createProxies spn_frames_offset.value spn_count.value
        on  btn_clear pressed do
        btn_pick_px.text = "Pick Proxy object"
        proxyObject = undefined
CreateDialog rc_proxy_timer

Wondering if anyone has any experience with deadline and corona?

What I'd like to do is have the submission script report the target noise threshold in one of the 'extra info' columns in deadline monitor, and also have the monitor display the current noise threshold as well.

As far as I can work out, corona have done everything they need to do to make this possible, I just dont know how to set it up


Bug Reporting / vrayhdri gamma set to 0
« on: 2017-11-03, 10:25:10 »
if you accidentally set gamma to 0 in a vrayhdri map, corona really doesnt like it, and restarting max seems to be the only way to cure it.

Just passing this on from Henry, havent checked myself

Resolved bugs / max 2018 & corona starting on pressing enter
« on: 2017-10-10, 10:10:07 »
Hi all,

maybe this is a known issue, but many of us here have noticed that in max 2018 corona will start rendering even if you are just entering a numerical and pressing enter (for example it just happened when entering the displacement px setting).

very annoying. dont know if its a max issue or a corona issue.



Is there anything Corona needs to do for Deadline to be able to show what noise threshold a render has got to?

would be really handy!

Sorry, maybe this isnt exactly a feature request, feel free to move !

I need help / displacement help
« on: 2017-04-18, 22:02:33 »
I would like to try doing an animation of this scene, but getting stuck on getting as good displacement as with vray. Plus it looks terrible when animated. Should I just abandon using displacement on the rug and just use bump/normal bump?

I have tried setting the displacement to world units but it is very hard to control

this is an example of where 2d displacement would be a huge help i think.

Jobs / Realflow/PhoenixFD Artist freelancer needed
« on: 2016-11-10, 19:13:51 »
Hi everyone,

We have a (hopefully) simple job to make a really nice simulated waterfall wall, and for it to be render-able in corona.

something like this and it needs to be animated.

We want it to look very realistic, and at the correct scale.. the water in simulations often looks to large scale i think..

if interested, email me at with work examples and rates.



General CG discussion / 3dsmax resetting UI
« on: 2016-10-03, 22:57:17 »
Hello max users,

We seems to have never ending issues with 3dsmax resetting its UI so that you need to set up shortcuts, buttons etc all over again. Max 2017 seems to be better, but we had to go back to 2016 for other reasons.

Anyone have any tips? I suspect it may have started happening when we moved to windows 10 but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe some kind of permissions issue?

any help much appreciated


General CG discussion / max 2017 to max 2016
« on: 2016-09-27, 11:54:37 »
are we missing something obvious or is it true that in saving a max 2017 file back to max 2016 you will lose all of your physcial cameras?????

EDIT: nope, we were just be stupid

General Discussion / Fluid Simulation?
« on: 2016-06-09, 17:58:27 »
We would like to do a small stream and have the possibility to animate it.

What should we use, realflow or phoenix ? and will corona be able to render it?

any advice would be much appreciated!


Hardware / xeon v4 cpus
« on: 2016-05-18, 18:40:52 »
Does anyone have a machine with the new v4 chips yet?

We are encountering some weird issues, like not being able to set affinity in task manager, and also 'Runtimebroker.exe' going bonkers and using up one core all the time.

thanks for any help


I need help / GrowFX parsing scene problem
« on: 2016-04-29, 19:32:08 »
On a scene with a big growFX ivy wall, corona freezes on parsing the scene.

happy to send someone at corona the scene if it helps



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