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Feature requests / Re: VFB - region activated
« on: 2018-07-27, 10:53:56 »
Ok, thanks again :)

Feature requests / Re: VFB - region activated
« on: 2018-07-27, 09:44:50 »
Ahhhhh nice one, Frood ! thanks A LOT for sharing this.
RL guys - any chance to include this for future Corona releases, please ?

Cheers :)

+1 for me as well :)

Feature requests / VFB - region activated
« on: 2018-07-26, 16:59:51 »

A little but annoying thing in VFB region rendering that would be great to solve. Let's say you work on a scene, using region rendering to check things here and there. Then you save the scene, close 3dsmax, and reopen the scene later, open the VFB, region rendering is greyed out ... no way to know if it's activated or not. So you have to run rendering to discover region rendering is actually on, which can often be annoying to say the least. Please guys, would it be possible to either:

- make region rendering controls available when VFB is run for the first time in a scene, so that we can set it off before rendering if needed
- or display a warning message like "Region rendering was left activated, do you want to keep it on ? with Yes button (-> it stays on) and No button (-> it's set off)

What do you think ?

Thank you.

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Re: CoronaCam Lister
« on: 2018-07-18, 10:16:16 »
Hello Christa :)

Thanks A LOT for sharing this, I've waited this for a long time ! I was an heavy user of VRay Cam Lister when we used VRay in prod, and a cam lister for Corona was greatly missing ...


Feature requests / Re: New Corona toolbar improvement
« on: 2018-07-11, 12:05:11 »
Not to mention the (sorry guys...) horrible UI.
Agreed as well. IMHO, the "unofficial" toolbar is much clearer.

Hello :)

I managed to find some more time to spend on maxscript, and reworked this tool a bit.
New in v1.11:
   - removed progress bar which was buggy and not that useful IMO,
   - Added PointCloud mode density control, interactive with Selected Proxies mode. Display Mode will automatically switch to Point Cloud if set to another mode. Also, Density is limited to values 5/20/50/80/100 on purpose, please tell me if you find it's ok or stupid :)


Feature requests / Re: New Corona toolbar improvement
« on: 2018-07-10, 15:48:42 »
Hello there :)

Are there any future plans to improve the Official Corona Toolbar ? sorry to say that, but I'm pretty disappointed by it ... while it globally offers useful things, it's not as complete as the unofficial one. Not only for light type creation (my first post), but also for the DR and Denoising switches.
Instead of opening Render Setup panel and go to the relevant section to switch DR or Denoising, it's great to have these switches directly in the toolbar. A nice addition would be to get a right-click to open the Render Setup panel in the relevant tab for DR switch and for Denoising switch ...

What do you think ?

Also, on a side note, it seem we can't permanently add our own buttons to it. If I add custom buttons to it, save a custom UI scheme, then my custom buttons aren't present anymore when I restart 3dsmax.

Thank you.

I need help / Re: Render elements always saving.
« on: 2018-06-15, 15:59:06 »

Try this piece of script (save your file before ;) ):

Code: [Select]
re = maxOps.GetCurRenderElementMgr()
for i = 0 to re.NumRenderElements()  do re.SetRenderElementFilename i ""

Actually, those features are already in 2015+, but he has another version,

Which seems good, but it's in beta...and also look bit like abandoware : /
Hi Juraj,

Actually, Tim Hawker now works at Weta for several years, and has totally given up NLM dev :(
However, we still keep on using the previous v2.2.6, very reliable, we use it everyday with 3dsmax 2018. Little bugs here and there, but really rare, and if it crashes, only NLM does but not 3dsmax.
FYI, the v3 was a complete rebuild from scratch, using C#, but isn't complete at all features-wise. That really is a pity no one wants to continue his work, because he gave everything on Github ... any C# coder around ?? :P

Resolved feature requests / Re: Material library poll
« on: 2018-06-07, 07:29:27 »

TBH, I think the material library is already pretty great. While it will be improved in the future for sure (ability to handle user's mat files, for example), personally I'd rather get RenderLegion team to spend time on other things than creating new materials over and over again - that's endless. Isn't that also part of our job, creating shaders ? don't get me wrong, having ready-to-use materials is really great for sure, but to me, RL ressources shouldn't be spent too much on it neither. In a nutshell, a balance to find ;)

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