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I need help / Camera Shift distortion extending image
« on: 2019-08-21, 12:24:09 »
Is it possible to use the corona shift feature in a way that can extend the image to the side so it can seamlessly be added to an original image? Im 3Ds Max but I have previously used C4D which had a 'film move'  option which did exactly this. When trying to use the shift feature in the corona Max modifier it shifts the image but when I try and extend the canvas out and add this new render in photoshop the perspective is different. I appreciate the perspective will be exaggerated out to the side, I just need it to meet in the right place. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks Tom, makes sense.

As shown in the screen grab image, the standard corona light turns black when seen through glass with refraction activated (not thin). The light has a directionality of 0.55. If it gets reduced to 0.4 the light can be seen fine. Anything with directionality over 0.5 renders black. Numbers lower than 0.5 do also dim in appearance so it would be good for directionality to have no bearing on the appearance of the visible light source.


OK, we have tracked it down and think its a bug. If we set the directionality to 0.4 everything works as it should but 0.5 and higher it goes black through the glass. I will put it in the bugs section now.

Thanks, although I dont think the max ray depth should make a difference here as it happens when only going through 2 faces.

We are having some issues that should be obvious from the attached image. Basic corona rectangular lights used but they turn black when looking at them through the glass. We use refraction in the glass material (not set to thin) as we feel it looks much more realistic and the rendering hit isnt that bad when its so thin. But there is this issue with corona lights not showing through the glass. Light emitting materials dont have this problem.

We are using Corona 4 RC3, so should probably upgrade to the latest but hopefully there is something obvious we can do to fix this?


I need help / Re: Phoenix FD splash support?
« on: 2019-07-13, 23:46:01 »
Thanks Maru. Hopefully they will get support soon. Finding some of the Phoenix sims quite slow so maybe v4 will have everything when that comes out.

I need help / Phoenix FD splash support?
« on: 2019-07-11, 12:30:07 »
We are currently evaluating Phoenix FD for use with some water features. I know Corona doesnt support the foam feature but does that also extend to the splashes feature which is in a separate roll out? When we come to render we get a Corona warning saying Corona doesnt support foam but we thought that was a different thing to splashes? We havent done any special set up in corona to materialise the splashes or in phoenix so maybe we need to do something there? Corona looks like it supports other particle effects in Phoenix so I'm hoping its just a set up issue.

Using the latest Corona 4 and Phoenix FD


General Discussion / Re: Phoenix fd foam support
« on: 2019-06-27, 23:25:05 »
Thanks for the info. It doesn't seem to be on the trello roadmap either. So I'm guessing it's not coming anytime soon.

General Discussion / Phoenix fd foam support
« on: 2019-06-27, 08:12:19 »
We are looking at potentially getting Phoenix fd for a couple of upcoming projects that are going to need some convincing water sims. I see in the Corona feshdesk that Corona doesn't support foam. But that was written in March 2018 which seems like a lifetime ago in Corona dev tools so we are wondering if Corona does now support foam? I know there were some Phoenix developments in Corona 2.


General Discussion / Re: DR with backburner
« on: 2019-04-18, 15:34:25 »
Oh right thanks Tom, I'll give that a try.

General Discussion / DR with backburner
« on: 2019-04-18, 14:35:24 »
Am I right in thinking that its not possible to use DR with backburner, rendering a single image? You either have to use DR that includes the host workstation OR backburner with a single node rendering the image but you can still use your workstation?

Thanks for the info. I think it is likely that we will stick to CMs and just live with some issues in any extra large scenes which arent as common.

Thanks Dzintas. Yes I like the way we can have different display unit. Good that we can stick with mm there for habit.

For those that jump between M and CM do you run in to issues with real world texture sizes not scaling right with merged assets? CMs look to be working well in my initial tests but we are working on a masterplanning model that is a few city blocks and Metres visually help with the Z fighting no end!

Thanks guys, yes I was referring to system units.

Interesting. Well I might suggest we have a go at at least upping to CMs and give it a try going forward. I can see metres getting a bit frustrating, with a lot of 0.01 sort of measurements going in for me but CMs shouldnt need as many decimal points.

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