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Gallery / Re: Handmade Danish Chair
« on: Today at 00:19:28 »
 So don't step on them.

General Discussion / Re: rendering large images
« on: 2019-06-15, 16:52:26 »
Guys, it's not all "see if it's ok" lol there are guidelines for this. Even damn printing companies get this wrong. It's really not that difficult.

You have PIXELS vs DPI + CM, no need to go into detail there, I assume you understand the basics.

So we'll focus on what targets need what DPI? This is what printing professinals even get wrong, which is stupifying to me but ok:

600DPI PRINTING BROCHURES or Magazines (A4 and smaller)
90DPI / 72DPI ONLINE MEDIA USAGE (computer screens)

So now you know the DPI right? You're doing banners: 30DPI

Very low, why? 30 dots per inch means that you're printing something that will be watched from a distance, as in "meters" away and not "cm's" away like when you're looking at a magazine.
You'll be standing on the street, or driving by, so whatever printing company dares to ask for a 17meter banner, in for example, 150DPI, is uneducated on the topic. Unless there might be a specific reason, but I haven't come across that.

So 1700 cm on 30 DPI = ??? pixels >>> Open photoshop and put in the CM+DPI numbers, it will calculate the pixels for you by creating the document.

It should come to about 20K pixels in long side.

If you create an 8K render, and calculate it to 17m, you would get 12DPI. That's on the low side, but then again, it's a 17m Banner... That's really big, thus, I reckon 12DPI might be ok. If you wanna be on the safe side I'd go 20DPI= 13300 pixels (long side)

Hope it helps, GRTS

Bug Reporting / corona 4 updates - thoughts
« on: 2019-06-12, 12:24:20 »
This is the first time, I had an overwhelming feeling of "wauw" concerning any product update, in regards to performance and UI-response when rendering.

The IR and the standard render engine, combined with the UI-updates, are a breath of fresh air...

Better viewport feedback on environment maps who have corona color corect would be wonderful, espeacialy with HDRI maps, they're overlit for viewport usage 90% of the time and when using a corona color correct on an environment map, it becomes distorted in the viewport + no exposure updates in viewport.

Gonna toy with Caustics now.

Thank you for this update!

General Discussion / Re: Corona Batch Render Script/Plugin
« on: 2019-04-22, 11:48:55 »
i was already referring to the batch editor

General Discussion / Re: Corona Batch Render Script/Plugin
« on: 2019-04-22, 09:46:41 »
yeah... try doing that way with a animation @ 30 frames / second. Your time to process all those frames is equal to the rendering itself. Not recommended

I need help / Re: Decrease in performance
« on: 2019-04-09, 08:24:24 »
So they removed the option? WHY???

I need help / Re: Decrease in performance
« on: 2019-04-07, 09:06:13 »
is this still applyable in the latest version? I dont' see the option

General Discussion / Re: 3D Studio Max 2020
« on: 2019-03-30, 08:37:11 »
tnx Ondra.

Cecofuli: The only reason I'm keeping max atm is because of Corona renderer. I'm fed up the way Adesk is handling their customers. Have you seen the latest list in 2020? I want to check performance, if it's the same or less then 2019, I'm out by the end of the year to another package.

To try out their 2020 performance, I needed Corona, also to see if the compatibility changed. Did it get better? Worse? Same? Need to see.


General Discussion / 3D Studio Max 2020
« on: 2019-03-27, 15:42:54 »

I was wondering when you guys will be bringing out a 2020-version?

Also, do you know if autodesk did any improvements to play nice with plugins like corona, forest pack pro, etc, ... ? Cause their list of features is rather short on info, do you guys know anything more?


I need help / Re: How to avoid long parsing time?
« on: 2019-03-26, 12:44:13 »
guys is this comfirmed or not, i'm using animated proxies and i'm struggling with annoying parsing times. I'm also using forest pack

A follow up would be welcome?...

I need help / Re: Artifacts
« on: 2019-02-21, 17:00:54 »
Also, can swap to using a different denoiser for finals.

I was counting on the Nvidia one since I have a Geforce 1050 Ti, but yeh... ok.

(I don't understand why this is happening with an official release tbh... I'm doing high-end viz and I'm spending to much time on this erroneous, bugged state)

I'm not going to rant. Just unhappy with the outcome.

I need help / Re: Artifacts
« on: 2019-02-21, 16:36:57 »
I upgraded. Now I'm getting this....

I need help / Re: Artifacts
« on: 2019-02-21, 14:43:43 »
K, uploaded

I need help / Re: Artifacts
« on: 2019-02-21, 08:09:51 »
Alright thanks, I'll keep an eye out. So for now no more new light solver then ;)


I need help / Re: Artifacts
« on: 2019-02-20, 21:19:21 »
Hmz, if I can fix it bny turning of the new light solver or bloom I'd go for that one.

Any idea when the new corona official update is coming?


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