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Gallery / Re: Rim House
« on: 2019-04-12, 10:59:20 »
fantastic work congratulations,
the vegetation that brand is?

sorry, you were right! it works :D

yes this is possible ok, but you can't rotate the north depending on the scene

ok thanks

when I insert Corona sun with the Cinema 4d SUN tag I can't rotate the direction of my NORD
Is it a bug?

if you save with LUT applied it will clamp the image


I have to do an animation and I need some saved pass 32bit (shadow, reflect, alpha).
I wanted to know if the script to save so many cxr files works. a few weeks ago I tried but it did not work.
Is there any alternative method?

Thank you

Hi guys,

this is a test done with 70 fixed pass (about 5.5% noise) and denoise High quality

this is done with 30 fixed pass (noise about 7%) denoise AI to 1 and you can see flickering noise on pillows, glasses and plants. Is there a way to fix this? if I had to render everything to noise limit 4% it would take me too much time
is it better to use a pass limit or noise limit?

PS - I don't know what you mean about "on your site I have seen that the noise remains constant"

the GIF example at the end of the page

I will do tests with denoise AI and Denoise Final and then I will let you know. thank you so much

Thing is, noise is comes from the fact that sampling is random, so it will be... random :) As it converges toward a clean image, that's where "lock sampling pattern" will show up. I guess the real question is, why is this a concern at this early few passes? As things converge to a clean image, this won't be an issue anyway.

Hi TomG thanks for the reply :),
the problem is that having a noise all the same, I'm much less likely to see since the denoise will clean in the same way. Instead having many different noise combinations, this will be seen in animation. I would like to create different animations with a pass limit of 5% and AI denoise to clean up but if I have this result I certainly could not present them.
On your site I have seen that the noise remains constant, why now it is random?

I also tried in another scene but I have the same problem. I wanted to understand if this is right?
thank you

I made the camera stationary to focus more on seeing the noise, this is 90 frames rendered.

What animation is with the fixed camera?
can you try my file and make that?

In render setup/performance there is an option called lock sampling pattern. Make sure that it is checked ON.

I have verified and is on.
Can you also try on a simple scene?
I attach a test, and you can see that the noise changes position at each frame

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