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Feature requests / Re: Image overlay (image cover) in VFB
« on: Yesterday at 17:35:14 »
I am not saying this would not be useful, but generally such stuff should be done in post production apps. If other users vote for this, we will consider it. :)

Have you tried resetting your render settings? (Render Setup > Scene > Reset settings) There was a similar report recently, and it turned out the user accidentally changed some setting, and resetting to defaults immediately fixed it.
Other than that, this may be caused by using an HDRI as the environment override (reflections). Unfortunately this is currently a limitation of Corona, but we will fix it in the upcoming versions. In such cases the workaround is to restrain from using environment overrides, or to use a low dynamic range image instead of HDRI (e.g. JPG).

Bug Reporting / Re: Corrupt Main Render When Saved from VFB
« on: Yesterday at 15:26:12 »
If the issue remains, please send us an example EXR file like that. Here is the uploader:
Please send us your file name after the upload and let us know which method you used (regular or dropbox).

Bug Reporting / Re: Corona Wirecolour + Forest pack issue
« on: Yesterday at 15:23:01 »
(internal id=304788315)

(internal id=304788315)

(internal id=299267305)

We have this logged as a "dealbreaker", so we will attempt to fix it ASAP.
It is a duplicate of various other reports - that's why it's moved to "resolved". It does not mean that the fix is actually implemented.

(internal id=299267305)

General Discussion / Re: Shadow Catcher - PNG
« on: Yesterday at 14:56:40 »
Are you sure those things are specific to PNG file format? Have you tried with other formats?
I think most of that comes down to "affected by reflections/refractions" options, like you have in V-Ray. We understand that this is highly demanded, and have it logged.

Other than that - like Burning said, please create simple scenes for each of those issues so that we could easily reproduce them. Otherwise it is hard to understand them (or at least we could easily get confused).

General Discussion / Re: REBUS RenderFarm
« on: Yesterday at 09:39:27 »
I discussed some of the issues mentioned here with Rebus support. Here are the results:

CXR with LightMix and denoising:
According to Rebus team tests and our past tests, everything is working correctly, provided that the scene is set up correctly (e.g. that the LightMix and LightSelect elements are present).
If you have some specific problems with this, which you are able to reproduce, please describe them well and send a report to us ( and we will look into it.

General issues with the smart checker:
Rebus are working on a new version of the smart checker. The beta release will be available soon. It will be easier to use and will give better information.

Single farm node rendering loner than other nodes:
In the following cases this is expected:
1) Full-frame rendering an animation, where one frame is more complex than other frames.
2) Distributed rendering in regions/sections, where one region is more complex than other regions.
If it happens in any other case (e.g. if the animation frames or regions are similar), you should contact Rebus about a refund.

Progress preview or reporting:
This is not possible at the moment, but Rebus are aware of the need for this.

Other issues (crashes, black screen rendered,...):
Please always report such issues to Rebus support ( and they will get in touch with us.

Bug Reporting / Re: Error Loading Settings in CIE
« on: 2019-07-22, 18:08:20 »
Yeah, thanks Rowan, and sorry for not sharing this everywhere. :[

Any information on the IES slowdown? I would like to know how I can make it go away :)

It's confirmed and logged in our internal system. I'll let you know here about any updates.
Maybe you can use a standard/photometric light as a workaround?

Probably makes sense. Will log it.

Thanks for reporting this. We will definitely check it!

I need help / Re: Shadowcatcher artefacts
« on: 2019-07-19, 17:25:01 »
Suggested some tips, let's see if it helps. :)

« on: 2019-07-19, 17:14:20 »
Here is my V4 vs V4HF1 test. The HF1 rendering looks better.

@Hrvoje - please send us the scene or a part of it once possible. Thanks!

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