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I am curious - what was the mistake? And is it working for you as expected now?

BTW - variation shader doesn't work in specular channel either ;(

I am sorry, but did you really mean specular channel? We only have reflection channel in Corona material and it does work there for me...

As for the variation shader in the bump channel, it is unfortunately super hard to make it work due to the technical limitations. :-( But if you check it in C4D, it's not possible there either.

Displacement channel works for me. The only place where it does not work is a render perfect sphere, which only has "one polygon" in C4D, so no polygon variation can happen there in Corona either if we want to stay consistent with C4D.

General Discussion / Re: Grate workz!!! Congratz!!!!
« on: Yesterday at 19:42:37 »
On the other hand, on this forum though nobody said absolutely anything like that, I had no replies apart from a reply from an administrator suspecting me of plagiarism. Of course, it's my fault because I should have been more specific with the credits and give the proper explanation of copyrights from the beginning.

I actually think you misunderstood the question. From what I understood, maru just wanted to know under which terms the scene and all assets inside it can be re-used. A fair concern in my opinion, especially for a free giveaway training scene that people can freely download and play with.

Did you ever find out the problem?
We have the same issue. When rendering in IRV everything is fine. As soon as I start production render it fails to show the textures. I have even tried to make it render in a render farm (rebus) to make sure it is not a performance issue. It has the same problems…

Hi devotikuenne!

From your description it seems like you have a more serious issue. Matt reported warnings that should not be there. However, you report missing textures, which is a much bigger problem. Can you elaborate the issue a bit? For example - are all the textures missing or just some of them? If the latter, what does the setup of the problematic material look like? Is it possible to reproduce the issue by creating a simple scene form scratch? etc...

It is important for us to be able to reproduce the problem, otherwise, it's a shot in the dark.

Hmm, that mouse model doesn't look like anything extravagant...

Could you maybe make a short video showing how you make the error appear? Or at least explain more in-depth, how it happens.

Hi! This is iteresting and has never happened to us during testing... Do you have any special mouse?

About motion blur: does anyone else get artifacts when using camera-motion blur + the tilt-shift mode in the camera? It's as if corona is taking the "shift" of the camera as a movement and calculates in on top of the motion blur.

Hi 3dboomerang!

I tried to add motion blur and vertical offset in a camera in a simple scene and it works as expected - no unexpected motion blur. There must be something else to it. Could you possibly share the scene with us?

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: Enabling LightMix kills Cinema 4D
« on: Yesterday at 10:55:57 »
Hi, we will check this out. Just to make sure - what version have you downloaded and what tutorial are you talking about? Also, regarding the IR - are you talking about the VFB IR or viewport IR?

@C4D team - this is a light transport bug, right? Should it be logged, or are the current reports enough?

The core team knows about this. No need to fill in a report. I am not even sure it's a bug...

The workaround is 100% glossiness or to enable caustics on the material (if you don't want 100% glossiness).

Well, this is just the way it works for now, even in the 3ds Max plugin. We might introduce a material that will be able to do clearcoat in one of the later versions of Corona, but until now you just have to use the stacking workaround. Sorry for that...

Oh, I almost forgot! What you can try is setting the diffuse to completely black and opacity to 100% on the "clearcoat material" and then mix that in the layered material. That should work too!

I see... Try putting the materials onto the object stacked instead of using the layered material. Because layered material actually blends between the materials rather than stacking them.

Hi Stefan!

If you think it's a bug, could you send a simple scene with the material attached?


Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence. We really want to add geometry motion blur, but it's hard to make any promises, because there might be a lot of coding involved and we were focusing on other issues. We will do some research and see if we can squeeze this feature into v5.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Team Render Crashing Often...
« on: 2019-06-12, 23:28:09 »
Thanks for the report, Johnny!

We'll check it out and let you know.

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: Adjusting layered texture...
« on: 2019-06-12, 09:25:22 »
Hi again, John!

Sorry to hear it's crashing for you. We will check it out.

Actually, now that I am thinking of it - did you try simple C4D material stacking? That means putting multiple materials onto a single object? If you play with it a bit, you should be able to achieve the desired effect (a decal on the base texture) easily. And of course, each of the materials can have different mapping, because it has its own separate texture tag...

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