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blush... .-)

hi corona team,

finding things is a bit tricky here sometimes and i think it would be nice to have a releases thread in the forum.
for example: i could find the corona 3 hotfix 1 download outside of the forum, but the release notes... ?

it would also allow to add the beta builds and give a better overview what is around to play with.
best without discussion, just an archive of versions/downloads and their release notes.

just an idea,
best, index


would it not be possible to add something like "save to CXR" to the (corona) render settings,
and then use the settings in the normal save dialog? (including support for filename tokens)

this way you'd get the normal jpg/png/exr plus the cxr.
if checked, the cxr saving would take place even if save is disabled in the render settings.
like this you could save the cxr only.

not really the most elegant solution, but a workaround most could live with, i guess.
(if it is not possible to add cxr as normal saveable format)

best, index


I dont know if this was reported before,
but Coronas Memory warning pops up even if it is not used as renderer
(ie when rendering with VrayforC4D)

best, index

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Corona Light Instance [Bugs]
« on: 2019-01-16, 19:36:30 »
In the Corona-3-c4d release from 01-2019

1) Instances of Corona Lights are ignoring the color
Corona Light, Instance, change Color in Light to red, Instance light will still render white.

2) Render Instances of Lights are working (including the correct color) in Interactive Rendering,
but they do not work at all (there is no Light) when rendering to the PV or VFB !

This has been reported here by illbru, and is tested by me, too.


in this video it looks certainly way better...
is there something wrong in the setup?

i scaled all down, 20x20x20 cubes, with rounding 0.5, 1, 2cm
looks a bit better, but nowhere like in the video

for me it looks a bit like something is broken with the roundshader.

i also hoped this would make it into the release...
perfection would be if renderfarms like rebus would be able to deliver cxr files


altough i dont expect one
every renderer has its oddities
corona doesnt like to do manuals :):)
(peace) :)

is there a discussion on their forum?
you have a link?

and yes, we'll see in summer/autumn if vrayforc4d has a comeback,
but by then a lot of users will have switched (to corona/redshift/octane/etc)
for me the future of vrayforc4d is not very clear..

well.. hope we get a "final" corona soon

i wonder where vrayforc4d is going now.
i'm pretty sure chaosgroup needs to fix/rewrite a lot of the code and
i wouldn't be surprised if there won't be an update for a longer time,
with huge changes somewhen later in 2019.

corona development hasn't been as fast as i hoped and i stopped working with
it in last summer. i'll give it a try again when there is finally a release.

in my experience such tests give just a limited view of the reality.
to decide for a renderer also depends strongly on what you do.
for motion graphic clips you probably choose octane or redshift,
if you do complex interiors maybe vray or corona.
and next to the rendertime and quality there are also other
aspects like how well and bug free it is integrated in the host app
or simply how likely it is that this software still exists in 5 yrs.

what is "Cyc" ?

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: Filmic Blender
« on: 2018-09-17, 21:08:14 »
yes tx,
i already got it from another place that a lot of things are wrong in this video
well, maybe still good the thread is here for the c4d guys who dont know it, yet.
best, index

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Filmic Blender
« on: 2018-09-15, 10:45:42 »

i stumbled on this interesting video:

wonder if this does apply in any way to corona too...
anyone with thoughts on this?


ps. the subject was discussed here, too (for octane)

rebus has B1 installed
it works fine, i used it quite a lot.

my projects are a few weeks back, so you could check with rebus,
but i'm sure they didn't install any B2 alphas.

which leads to the question where we are in the roadmap...
B2 seems to take way longer than anticipated :/

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