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Thank you, Bengamin, for your efforts and the test scene. That's interesting. I actually have very similar takes on my scene. I'll check that again. At least this proves that it's compatible with the morph camera. That's a good thing!

I found the same problem in this forum for octane:

«Camera Morph is a C4D level tool, and it doesn't know anything about Octane Camera tags. Notice that the Camera Morph tool actually creates a completely new camera, and that camera takes its info channels from the basic C4D camera data. Camera Morph just doesn't have the hooks to pull info from Octane tags. »

Is this also the answer for corona cams?

I have a morph camera with two sub-cameras. The sub-cameras have a camera tag with DOF. But this will not be rendered. Does cameratag not support morph cameras? I have tried it with R21 and S22 with the latest build.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Re: Geometry not flat
« on: 2019-10-07, 16:54:57 »
Thank you Burnin and Houska
It was definitaly the displacement channel in the white materials under the pink one. When I turn it off, it renders correct.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Re: Geometry not flat
« on: 2019-10-07, 10:10:49 »
I sent the link to MAXON Support and received the following response:
I cannot detect any errors in your object and can therefore not understand the statement that the object is faulty.
Here one of the Corona developers would have to do a check, which causes the problem and then get in touch with our development team so that they can check it there.
Unfortunately, we don't have this option.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Re: Geometry not flat
« on: 2019-10-04, 18:29:55 »
Thank you very much for your persuasion! Then I will take a very closer look at my mesh. With fun of course ; )

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Re: Geometry not flat
« on: 2019-10-04, 15:44:28 »
Thank you for your answer. In my mesh I can't see something wrong. And why the physical renderer does not produce the same result?

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Geometry not flat
« on: 2019-10-04, 10:50:07 »
I have a problem that I observe in rendering. The geometry is absolutely flat. Not in rendering. With the phisikalischen renderer of c4d it is correct. What is it?
Enclosed all files.

Hi Mitchino
Thank you! Have a look at the sene. It was postet at the 2019-02-15, 20:48:25.


Thank you IAC! The hint was perfect!

Thank you for your help!
Here is the scene to inspect.

I have the problem that the IR rendering differs significantly from the final rendering. In the example it is the luminous drops on the front. What could be the reason? Are certain effects not considered in IR rendering?

Thank you for your support. Please download the scene from here:

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Texture flat projection artefacts
« on: 2019-01-24, 09:31:14 »
I have a brick wall on which I project a logo with alpha channel flat. Without selection I got horizontal grooves in the wall. With a selection I can fix it. But this limits my free placement. Why are these artefacts created?

Thank you

Thank you Bengamin, for your efforts and sorry for my persistence!
Now I have the hopefully the final behavior of the Bend Deformer in connection with the IR. Its the Fat Projection of the texture. See the screenshots.

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