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General CG discussion / Re: Connecter vs. Project Manager
« on: 2019-06-22, 15:39:45 »
I go with Project manager, it gives more tools, obejct libray, Material library, texture,hdri and ies library, Plus the batch render and relink tool has a lot to offer, the support is out of this world, we use it at he office at the heart of our process on arqrenderz. Highly recommend it.

Gallery / Re: Online VR Kitchen Tour
« on: 2019-05-21, 17:16:12 »
I Guess they use corona for the hero renderings, and they are baking the light in a very low poly version of the model?
I thought the baking in corona was not that great yet

All this photoshop actions can be scripted? i have try but photoshop cant use actions if the layers have another name, Anyone with some experience can shed some light on how it can be done? Thx!

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2019-05-14, 14:36:40 »
As a Mac user, I had put an eye on Win-workstations, especially at Threadripper, since they impress with countless cores.

My old iMac (2012) was struggling with thermal problems when doing hard render jobs all day long, I was quite sure I would switch from Mac
to a properly cooled Win workstation with huuuuge fans and liquid.

After comparing prices of Win-workstations with those of latest iMac Pro... the conclusion was that: same components in a Win box will cost not much less than the ready to go-Mac... and you still don't have a display. Especially not a 5K.

Honestly... I was super sceptic and kind of afraid to throw that much money at Apple again, especially having had thermal problems with old models from 2012.

BUT... good Lord. What a nice surprise came on my desktop with the iMac Pro ! Basic config, absolutely no upgrade. 8 core, 32 Ram 8GB Vega-card.
No fancy numbers.

Render times up to 10 x faster than the 2012 iMac 3,4 Ghz i7 !
Temperatures at full load ? A bit warmer than my hand ! No kidding.
Fan Noise? Nothing. Never.

Benchmark Treadripper around 23.000, Xeon W around 18600.
Okay, a bit slower... slower than very fast... :)))
I can live with that.

Maybe more investment for the Mac at the beginning... but no investment of tens and tens of hours of internet research for components, assembling, fiddling around in the BIOS, not working drivers, etc. etc. etc.
In this time you don't earn money !

At the end, I'm not sure if assembling PC yourself really saves that much money.

Lol man, you said its just warm to the hand, i bet its like 90ยบ c in there     

Gallery / Shinoa Hotel
« on: 2019-05-10, 16:38:47 »
Here is a cg Inspired image of the Shinola hotel made by Gachot Studios and the photographer Nicole Franzen
Made in 3dsmax and corona renderer with love :)

Full rez on behance site

Gallery / Re: Basketball Gymnasium
« on: 2019-05-06, 14:58:13 »
Looking great!

I need help / Re: 3dsmax crashes changing animation
« on: 2019-05-04, 00:57:49 »
Lol We found the issue, it was a custom attribute on a door we made, it has an orphan wire parameter, it looks its the root of the issue :)

I need help / [solved] 3dsmax crashes changing animation
« on: 2019-05-03, 23:30:47 »
Hi, we have a problem, 3dsmax crashes when changing frame rate type, just in one scene, there is no keyframes in the scene, does some one can look into the dump file? or show us how it can be done to debug this?
Thx to anyone !

Try the freeze objects on the display tab of itooforest, we solved a viewport problem with it.

Gallery / Re: Hollywood Hills
« on: 2019-04-23, 02:50:10 »
Just corona Sun  and sky :)

Gallery / Hollywood Hills
« on: 2019-04-22, 14:40:31 »
Saw this house called "Hollywood Hills Residence" Renovation By Marmol Radziner and i wanted to make it, most of all for the lighting.

General Discussion / Re: Rendering Animations
« on: 2019-04-17, 14:46:06 »
Hi man,  The first thing i saw can be a type error, but you say, the first thing is "Rendering out the cache (FIRST STAGE) common tab:Set to single frame"
You need to put the same range as for the second stage in order to make all the cache

Your scene succes rate is very low from 20 to 45% You need to place some portals where possibe

Gallery / Re: R.G.B RED GREEN BLUE
« on: 2019-04-16, 14:47:32 »
Great concept! nice work

Gallery / Re: Rim House
« on: 2019-04-12, 14:39:50 »
Hi Fabio, vegetation is from archmodels, somea other freebies arround the web, all the shaders by myself

Gallery / Re: Rim House
« on: 2019-04-11, 05:08:01 »
Hi Designerman77, thx for the input, i did use round edges, i need to chamfer those..
About sk, i been using it for almost 13 years or so, i can make anything SUPER fast with it, and all the complicated geo is just made on 3dsmax, we use each software for what its good for, it has worked for us :)

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