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Feature requests / Re: Noise level by objects
« on: 2019-09-18, 02:32:04 »
No please, dont want to go back to vray!

General Discussion / Re: Project Lavina for Corona?
« on: 2019-09-16, 19:05:33 »
wow dont think its useless, really think its the future

I need help / Re: How to save background on exr
« on: 2019-09-16, 17:52:11 »
THX! opening on phosothop with the free exr plugin and checking split alpha do the trick!

I need help / How to save background on exr
« on: 2019-09-15, 02:21:32 »
Simple topic, i want to save my background that is a 360 drone photo put on the override direct visibility, reflection and refraction of the scene, and i want to save it as it shows on the vfb, but when i save as an exr file it just dissapears, i have tried corona beauty pass, relection, refraction and a bunch other ones.
i love exr for the file organization instead of having tons of files for each render.

Gallery / Re: Residential Vignettes
« on: 2019-09-13, 14:44:49 »
Cool Project!

You have nice renderings, but your english must be better in order to communicate better with other studios.

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-08-28, 15:04:09 »
WOW, perfect color pallete, nice cameras, music and theme. Perfect, Congrats!

For me prune scene wont really deal with the virus, it just erasing it from the scene but not from the system, so it will come back again (we did try the manual option and the virus gets created again on some super hidden carpet ) Did you tell autodesk of this? (i know autodesk is the slowest company to adress this type of issues (the "virus" took like a year to be acknowledge, ALSO i havent heard a thing about the virus real intentions, I dont think its just made to mess up 3dsmax scenes, why any one bother to do that, i think its more like cryptos or something like that, just think on all the big farms or workstations that have 3dsmax...

Corona proxies DO NOT save RAM! Their only purpose is speeding up viewport performance, not RAM usage reduction. Therefore lots of proxies are, at best, the same as no proxies at all and at worst detrimental in very large scenes (since they all need to be loaded into RAM before rendering starts). If they are stored on a slow drive or on a network path, loading them will take time. Can you try removing temporarily at least the largest proxies or half the proxies to see whether that speeds up the pre-render preparation? Thanks!
Hi Papuca, we had such issue with a big scene, one thing that bothers us is the fact that Proxies take ram EVEN on a HIDDEN layer! WHY??? they are not being calculated for anything, so why they need to be loaded.... We were trying a script to change all the proxys geometry to a box but we ran in few bugs and had no more time to make it work, the script was working indeed, so if the corona team can do something about it, it would be really great for all.

Hi Njen  thx!

Another question, do you know how to read or access the layer order in max?
And how to introduce new layers in a determined order, or if a new layer comes to the file how to get the new layer order?

Any time we introuduce a new layer the order of the old ones gets scrambled, and we lose all the organization of the file and layers by camera.
How do you get to know all of this code? we use the max script reference guide and a lot of interfaces don't appear on it.

A big thx again.

Hi guys as the title says I need help accessing the render elements trough max script, the thing is that we are using a home brew script to manage our cameras and scenes, but sometimes the render elements are not saved and we are losing a ton of time because of this...
Another topic would be if anyone knows how to really acces the layer manager system through max script, we have an issue organizing layers when a new layer or an old one is deleted, all our layers gets scrambled.
Many thx to all.

Another this is that we use the exr images with all the render elements on it (just one big file instead of many)

Gallery / Re: Fiesta
« on: 2019-08-13, 16:21:08 »
Wow, great shaders. the plastic window fitting shaders could be better,great job!

Fstorm is doing brick texture  usable with this.

General Discussion / Re: How IR is used to be interactive
« on: 2019-08-02, 14:45:23 »

check out Prism, developed by Mill Film. It's a good reference for speed, responsiveness, under sampling even in very heavy scenes.

I really hope that the max team will fully implement USD into Max, and Hydra will be supported too.

Wow thats some immpressive viewport, about autodesk, lol they havent seen this, nor they care...

Gallery / Re: Kixx Oil
« on: 2019-08-01, 14:40:34 »
Thats a lot of work for those 3 seconds animations!

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