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Feature requests / Re: Physical Material Support
« on: 2019-11-24, 22:37:20 »
Not until corona gets roughness\metalness pbr support of it's own yet i really hope it will not just because this improved 2020.2 viewport makes working a lot easier and a lot more pleasant, but mostly cause of the fact what corona absolutely has to have full, game engine compatible roughness\metalness pbr material support cause it simply lost me to vray\cycles on some of the latest substance painter\unreal engine related projects i had to do and i dont like that one bit cause i like corona a lot more than those )))

General CG discussion / Re: Human eye ISO and f
« on: 2017-11-09, 16:18:21 »
Human eye is super adaptive so it's almost impossible to match in camera's settings and that's why I requested a corona light meter utility a loooong time ago, vray and even mental ray has those but corona still doesn't ( this thing
and that's how one uses the one built in into 3dsmax it
there are a plenty of other tutorials about those two out there this one is just the first I have clicked ))
As far as I know there are no other way to measure lighting in 3ds max in a more or less reliable manner and then compare that to the local lighting regulations or client's specifications - eyeballing it is not an option an option at all.

Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2017-09-08, 18:06:31 »
I want it for a long time too )) - if done right and if it would automatically set and control corona's volumetric fog (as any decent atmosphere simulator should) it would save enormous amounts of time for people who do that manually now - no more eyeballing the fog values, compensating exposure, lighting etc for the loss of power fog introduces - just set some real world parameters and you're good to go )

Yeah know that one and as well as "hellish" mod mod Zorb but yours is light-years ahead in terms of user-friendliness and speed (which you probably know)) but thanks for suggestion anyway )

Hi there, maybe I'm a blind idiot and just simply cannot find it but I don't see any of CoronaAo parameters exposed in Batch material edit which might be quite handy when dealing with some monstrous materials such as this one - in case you are curious what this particular material does it's this old, a little mossy, crumbly, leaky, semipolished by constant walking on and generally nasty looking concrete material I've been trying to do some time ago )) Anyway maybe I just don't see those parameters exposed but I don't hence I write this request. On top of that it would be nice to have same batch control capabilities for CoronaRoundEdges and for CoronaDistance as well - the latter being not too necessary but why not - could save some time when dealing with some assets made using different system units etc. And thanks again for such a time saver which Batch material edit is. 

Gallery / Re: Meteora
« on: 2017-03-17, 18:52:15 »
Man, you really do have some talent, a good taste and of course skills to accompany those ) That's not some regular archviz stuff which we usually see and produce ourselves, that is art and a good one at that and more than that it has style too - good job !

Thanks, both of you - Cmpp, here I come )

Yep, but even the demo will suffice.

Look a few posts up - 1.28 already addressed that problem

Well, great job ! It already helped me a lot when dealing with some multitexture material filtering setups I needed to do today - even that seemingly simple feature can be quite a huge time saver in some cases - thanks for adding that too. Later I will test ignore materials by properties and will report on how they fare - it seems I've got just the right scene for testing that )) 

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: romullus's wips
« on: 2016-08-27, 15:16:24 »
Well that's what I keep telling all my cg artist friends I've got for at least 4-5 years - photogrammetry Rules and it is a 3d modelling's future, well for some things at least and at least a decent part of that future, and now when megascans finally "hit the shelves" and they finally begin to realize that, it feels so good to be right for a change ))

Me too, that one is a really great thing, but most probably Corona's version of it should be done by a Rich Dirt developer himself, though given some maps which were not designed to work with Corona originally but work nevertheless, it probably is possible to do on Corona's dev's side as well or at least I hope so. There was some request\discussion about R.D. earlier - a year or so earlier that is - people were getting ready to write some request letters to the r.d's dev. but I'm quite sure that wasn't accomplished or there were not enough Corona users for him to be interested - who knows. I, myself had bought it in some like 2011 or so and now my licence is only viable up to max 2012 + I've stopped using vray around that same time and thus stopped using r.d. too and didn't upgrade my license since, but I used it quite intensively until then and it surely was good while it lasted )

Nice indeed, glad to see my ramblings were not in vain ))
 About - ignore materials by some parameters:- by average diffuse color (based on colorDiffuse, not on maps inside Diffuse slot) - yeah, my bad, forgot to specify\suggest that this should only work on Diffuse color as even I (being totally nonprogrammer type) can understand, what, even if it could be done by analyzing maps or even worse, some combinations of maps done through coronaAo\mixes\composites\etc. it would take ages for a script to do it's work, so sorry about that somewhat unspecific\erratic way of expressing my thoughts )

 Hi and thanks for such a useful tool - previously for such tasks I used Modifier Modifier Zorb - it surely has lots of features and even some randomization functions but is a major pain in youknowhere to use it as it is so goddamn slow to update selections and do any operations with or at least so on heavier scenes - yours on the contrary is lightning fast and gets the job done too.

 There's a couple of features I miss which would be good if you could implement in your script :

Standard bitmap filtering amount
Standard bitmap filtering type
Corona bitmap filtering amount
Corona bitmap filtering type

 Those alone could save quite a lot of time for sure

Not present in zorb or anywhere else (with some exception which I will explain below) and probably harder to implement but surely most useful ones
Adding some sort of intelligent modes\settings\constrictions for setting levelDiffuse value - namely:

 - ignore materials with overall diffuse color brightness lower than some user set threshold - that would be tremendously useful for ignoring some metal materials with a dark or black diffuse present in the scene and setting all others to say 0.8 as well as ignoring all materials which were set up right in the first place (say level 1.0 but grey diffuse etc.) for more albedo trouble free rendering - I did ask Martin (DeadClown) for such a script and he did a sort of it quite a while ago, gave it to me and some other users, but because he didn't want newbie users to misuse that (as there are some possibilities to do so for sure) he didn't share it with the public - probably you could ask him how he did that or maybe he will even let you integrate his script or part of it into yours

 - ignore materials whith diffuse level\strength controlled by the user set threshold - would again let script to ignore already well set up materials albeit in a different manner than the one above

 - ignore materials with refraction level\strength controlled by the user set threshold - self explanatory )
 - ignore materials with reflection level\strength controlled by the user set threshold - self explanatory )
 Hope those are possible to do as I think such options could really benefit every Corona user our there and save lots of time dealing with, for example, some initially properly set up corona scenes to which, at some point, some simply converted by CM/LC and unchecked due to a creative/deadline rush models were added (especially when those were converted from some obscure material setups containing models) - well, you know how that might go when those are not checked in time and it's too late to go correcting them one by one ))

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