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Hi Tom, so i uncheck DOF and changed the IR pass limit to 9999, it was originally at default "0" and that seem to be helping the render region problem. Also i installed the newest version of corona and haven't had any problems yet. I will test IR to see if that problem has been resolved as well. I will update you if anything changes. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your response,
I'am using the latest daily build which is "corona-c4d-win-2017-12-21 exe" which i downloaded from the daily build index but i don't think it has anything to do with this build specifically. its been a problem since the release of alpha 5, with it being more frequent now. Basically, when i activate render region and select the area to test render, corona starts calculating the passes then the selection window just goes away. and im having to re-select a region to render again. the screen doesn't go blank or anything weird, it just doesn't render. Sometimes after a few attempts it will work and other times it just wont render at all.The files i work on are normally around 100 plus mega bites; these are mainly exterior architectural scenes, i find the problems is less prevalent in smaller files but we primarily work with larger scenes so i will need to get it resolved in order to be productive.

N.B. All renderings are offline,
no error messages when the render cancels,
c4d sometimes crashes though,
 corona render time is slower than in earlier versions. Alpha 3 way faster. (we were using windows 7 at this time though so perhaps that might be a reason)

Other problems:

IR always  causes C4D to crash so we don't use it.
When rendering via Corona VFB, after stopping the render and cancelling the screen, it seem as if the frame buffer is still somehow running in the background, when i go to start a new render in the frame buffer or c4d picture viewer, the dialog box pops up asking if you want to stop the rendering. (which means its still running)

Im Using windows 10.
Intel Xeon E5 v3
32 GB Ram

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Render Region Bug
« on: 2018-01-23, 19:32:18 »
Hey guys, I've been having this problem for a while now. Evertime i try to do a render region in the viewport  Corona cancels the render as soon as it starts, im having to do all test renderings in the picture view, which is a pain. Please help ASAP...ANYONE?

Thanks in advance!

Gallery / Re: Cadillac Escalade [Full CGI]
« on: 2017-08-03, 16:57:08 »
@FactotumPictures... beautiful renderings, did you use HDRI with Corona Sun, or just HDRI for lighting?

Gallery / Sharing one of our Recent Projects
« on: 2017-07-24, 07:24:04 »
We really struggle with heavy scenes in Cinema 4D; Even with the use of X-refs. So Far Corona Proxy hasn't been working well for us
so we have to dumb it down. It take a lot away from our creativity but nevertheless, we try to at-least deliver clean renderings. Please let us know what you think..
Any comment / suggestions would be appreciated.


Gallery / Re: Anutham Short Teaser
« on: 2017-03-28, 07:47:08 »
I would be very proud to say this is my work. One thing I'm curious of though, and that is; was your studio responsible for styling the design as well or were the finishes provided by your client?

Yes, proxies currently store only geometry, uvs, and material ids (maybe something else too - but not the materials ;) ).
It is the same in the 3ds Max version.

Maru is this going to change anytime soon? its kind of a bomber to having to do this long process of breaking the geometry . Some scenes we might be using 5 or more different species of plants.

Hello Nguyen,

very nice Images. For me, the they have a bit to much contast and saturation. But it is a matter of flavour.

Yes, it's a little bit. THanks :)

Would you mind posting clay renderings of some of these images?
These are really nice bright n clean renderings, they aren't really my cup of tea as far as realism and texturing but I still appreciate them, they are way above average and seem similar to what some of the leading architectural rendering companies here in Canada and else where produces, which means that it's making these companies good money and recognition so hats off.

Gallery / Re: After Storm
« on: 2017-01-06, 09:15:01 »
Perfect, will be checking it out..Thanks @Godzil

Gallery / Re: Some of our Favourite Renderings From 2016
« on: 2017-01-05, 16:41:59 »
Our workflow and approach; we always like to approach our renderings to be realistic and clean rather than the typical artistic approach( which we really enjoy as well). We spend a lot of time getting nice lighting before adding textures.

We used Cinema 4D R16 with Corona alphas 3, 5, and 6 as we struggled with a lot of crashes. Modelling was done in Sketchup and some of the asset models from our library collection, presumably
most from purchases we got from Turbosquid and 3DSky in order to speedup work flow, some were modeled in house however.
The image of the mixed-use building was rendered using hdri only and the house was rendered with Vizpark Hdri Skydome #28 and the corona sun manually lined up.

We typically put everything into our renderings except for 2d people which were added in Photoshop. Post production for us is always minimal, just simple white balance, sharpening, and a bit of Levels. We also add lens flare in Photoshop as well, for some reason we still could not achieve in Cinema 4d even with Corona Alpha 6 (Final)

Gallery / Re: Some of our Favourite Renderings From 2016
« on: 2017-01-05, 16:22:29 »
@Flamingo, yes thats exactly what i plan to do lol

Gallery / Re: Some of our Favourite Renderings From 2016
« on: 2017-01-05, 16:05:19 »
Thanks @famingo, we wanted to keep the upper facade clean as possible but I do think it would be a really good idea to populate the scene way more, in retrospect I think that would add a lot more life to the rendering overall, we will try to do that moving forward so thanks for the tip. As for the second image, it's actually a great idea to add playing kids in the grass area, I can see how that would add to story telling. Some clients however, like the renderings clean and simple but we will try to suggest and implement these ideas in future. Thank you.

Gallery / Re: Some of our Favourite Renderings From 2016
« on: 2017-01-05, 15:48:55 »
They look good but I don't really like the 2d humans in the 1st picture. It looks a bit fake hehe!

Thanks for your feedback @philippelamoureux, we are working on our incorporation of 2d people in our renderings, we've also recently taken a look at using 3D people instead (renderpeople) and that will come in the near future.

Thanks again

Gallery / Some of our Favourite Renderings From 2016
« on: 2017-01-05, 07:26:34 »
Hi Guys, we have a small Archviz Team here in Toronto Canada, we've been in operation for 3 years and we'd like to share 2 more  of our renderings from 2016. Any constructive criticism and comments , tips are welcome. We are looking to improve our work in the new year ; looking for new directions to take our ever improving studio and would love to hear from you.


Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Proxy Problems
« on: 2017-01-03, 21:53:29 »
Can Someone please help me, whenever i create a proxy and reload it, the objects reloads without the materials, am i doing something wrong? i need to create proxies for my Viz-Park Tree collection. If you are familiar with these models, they are pretty heavy files and each tree is a single objects with 3 or so selection tags but no matter what i try the materials do not reload along with the proxy. Please Help.. Thanks

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