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Feature requests Cinema 4D / Re: Dockable IR window
« on: 2018-08-12, 10:16:21 »
We're well aware of this request, it's been brought up many times. ;)

This is only 6 passes? Let it render longer ;) You can lower the noise level limit also, 10 seems rather high.

Here's a nice mullet! ;)

Then I would suggest updating your Corona. If it renders fine on mine and not in yours, the only difference I can see are the build types. Try updating and rendering again.


E bine pentru mine ;) It is rendering as it should...?

I think I did not understand, I'm sorry, you can explain me better.
Like this...

Amazing and the rendering time is fast.
I can already make carpets with this type of finish.
Thank you very much friends, excellent work.
Would you mind to share a scene or your setup?
I am new to hair in C4d... I tried this without success....some help would be much appreciated.

if I gladly share the file
I have no experience with hair and I still do not understand the
Corona hair material, but !! playing a little you can get
good results

Yesterday I did qulacosa very similar, and as in your example I can not understand why some guides do not take the dynamics and remain stiff. To understand a few tufts of hair do not have gravity as you can see.
How to intervene to solve this?
Did you hit play in the timeline?

Can you send us the scene file to investigate the problem? The link is in my signature below. Thanks

I am going to go ahead and presume a little bit here as I think this was listed as a feature request a while ago...

We already have material overrides, pretty much exactly like in 3ds Max. That said, I think there are a few of us out there that would like at a material override that can also take in a material not just objects.

Having it like V-Ray where you control it in the material editor is similar to that idea with the difference being that the button for the override is located under the material editor instead of the render settings.

I think that if UI clutter is an issue (_I definitely don't want to clutter it as simplicity is Coronas strength_) a good solution could be to "just add" an option whether you drag the materials or objects into the existing material override window.

Hopefully that makes sense. :P

Is this the thread? ;)

Exclude box or render tag for ignoring bloom and glare on certain lights/materials/objects.

Is this an animation? If so, maybe check your frame settings.

can i ask for a feature? coming from vray, i used to set the scene lights with a 70% white material override on every scene object. there's was an option in vray advanced material called "overridable" very useful in a workflow where you want set the materials one by one.
Is this what you're looking for? You can drag objects into the include/exclude box and they will maintain their original material.

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