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Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: No License after Crash
« on: 2019-07-02, 14:02:08 »
Like I said I'm not in charge on any software licensing otherwise I would after every bluescreen just login by myself.
Can you have whomever it is with access to the details contact us at Thx

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: No License after Crash
« on: 2019-07-02, 13:39:13 »
Hi, can you please give me your customer zone email or COR number?

Anyone with Mograph is welcome to use this test scene. Feel free to edit the crap out of it ;)

Recently I have been doing this using Mograph and a simple sphere with some deformers for shaping. I don't think there's a proper workflow, just what looks/works best for you. ;)

Hi, Unfortunately, It's not possible at the moment. This might make a good feature request if you choose to do so? )

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: Team Render error
« on: 2019-06-18, 16:13:48 »
I'm glad to hear!

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: Team Render error
« on: 2019-06-18, 13:21:30 »
Has Corona been licensed on your slaves? If not you will need to run the licensing server to activate it.

To activate Corona using the licensing server you will need to follow the steps below:

For each client machine, you will need to create a txt file called "CoronaActivation", within this file you will need to enter your customer zone email and password in the following format: email:password. Then save the file to the location: Library/Application Support/Corona/ for Mac and C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer for Windows, do this for all clients using Corona. Now from your main workstation, you can run the licensing server. This should then hunt for the newly created txt file and activate all instances of Corona.

If you cannot find the licensing server, run the Corona installer again and choose "customize" then make sure the licensing server is enabled and proceed with the rest of the installation.

Of course, you will have to install Corona again, but the license shouldn't have any issues after installing. If it does, let us know!

Hi, why not use the skin shader? It has 2 glossiness slots ;)

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: specular
« on: 2019-06-18, 13:13:39 »
As Marcin has requested, please give us an example of what you are trying to achieve.

It does work but will only show up when rendered. If you use a standard c4d material you can turn on "animate preview" in the materials settings and it will show up when scrubbing thru the timeline.

A similar function to how Robert's Corona Tools plugin worked. That was a very handy feature.

Hi there, thanks for spotting this. We will look into it. As a workaround, create a layer shader in the texture slot of the triplanar, add your texture, then add a transform effect and enable flip.

What converter are you using? Our built-in scene converter or the Corona Tools plugin? Our converter doesn't rename materials, yet Corona Tools does. It renames it to "CRN_xx" for example. I see all of your materials are renamed. So if this is via the Corona Tools plugin you'll need to speak to the developer. And are the materials standard c4d or VRay? Thx

Finally great results with the latest version
Looking good too! ;)

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