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« on: 2017-01-06, 18:51:16 »
I would be really greatfull if you would create an example for me. If you want I can share my bathroom scene through dropbox.

Which version of max are you using?

« on: 2017-01-06, 18:47:26 »
I am using the latest corona version.

« on: 2017-01-06, 10:36:28 »
I do not know how other people work with IES lights in corona but I would really like to know.

Because ( corona light mtl on a bulb  - emit light off. And IES profile below everything is OFF  - is not working properly.

« on: 2017-01-06, 10:31:46 »
Because I have a spot light above the sink and above the shower head close to the wall. You should see a bigger specullar from the IES light/spot light.

I cannnot figure it out how to make this work with corona.

If I will put the IES profile inside the spot light and leave reflections ON. It will look weird.

You are saying that think realisticly. But you cannot think realisticly in these situations, because in real life that small light bulb will lit your interior. In Corona or render engine doesnt matter that small bulb cannot lit the whole interior. If it will it will cause slow render times/artifacts and a lot of noise in ur scene.

Thats why we are always faking things. Putting a light material on a bulb and include only the spot light geometry in it. Because we are not litting the whole scene with this small tiny bulb. We just need to lit the interior of the spot light geometry.

And then we are putting a IES profile below to give us the speculars/light/shadows. And we should not see it directly or in a mirror reflections.

We just need to get the effect of it in the scene which are: Speculars/Diffuse/Shadows. That is it.

What do you think about this.?

Because in you proposal with emit light off on the bulb  - your not going to lit the interior of the spot light it will be dark inside. Makes no sense at all.



« on: 2017-01-06, 10:23:00 »
Take a look at my bathroom scene.

With you aproach corona light mtl on a spot light bulb  - emit light off. And a spot light profile DISC/plane below the spot light geometry evrything is OFF. And you will see that I am not getting enough speculars just from that small light bulb. Inside.

You can see two region renders as well one with ies profile reflections ON and one with off . Off looks flat and ON looks alive. Take a look please.

« on: 2017-01-05, 12:39:06 »

For light sources such as lamps/chandeliers:
You can use Corona Light material with "emit light" disabled.
You can then create simple Corona Light (e.g. plane shape) around your light source and disable all visibility options - so that it only casts light into the scene.

But in this case my spot light interior will not be lit by the corona light mtl - because emit light is off.

And corona light plane gives only diffuse and shadows. Speculars from the bulb itself is not goin to be enough right?


« on: 2017-01-04, 18:06:01 »
The two corona light planes are in the middle of the room almost. I mean I did put them just to bump up the light in the scene. But I do not want to see them in the mirror. But I want to get the speculars from them.

My room window is quite small. Plus I do not want to push the outside light more, because in that way I will burn the windows frames completely. I just want to get the balance.

Same thing with IES lights, I was doing a bathroom scene. I had 6 spot lights in my bathroom. So the spot light had the corona  light material apllied to the spot light bulb to lit the interior of the spot light. And below there was a corona light DISC with and IES profile. Same thing I was seeing that white disc in the mirror, if I turn the reflections off the speculars of it is all gone. And the speculars that are coming from the spot light small bulb is not enough, my bathrom scene materials are not picking enough speculars from just that tiny little bulb in the spot light geometry.

And I cannot find a ways how to go around this. Corona does not have that effect speculars checkbox.  I mean I understand visible directly works perfectly, but why should I see that white round disc in my mirror reflections especially for the ies profile. I just want the effect of it in my scene. But I do not want to see that ugly white disc below the spot light geometry. Do you understand where I am going with this? :)

Thank you.

« on: 2017-01-04, 17:32:17 »
Hello everyone,

I started using corona after 9 years of Vray.

And I noticed one big issue with corona light plane,disc,sphere does not matter which shape it is.

So it has:

Visible Directly
Effect Reflections
Effect Refractions
Oclude other lights

So for example. Lets just say I have a quite big room and only one pendant light in the middle of the room. A put extra 2 corona planes just to push some more light in.
So I remove visible directly and oclude other lights check box. So what do I get? I get a nicely light scene, with speculars on my materials from those lights and everyhing.

But what I also get an ugly reflection in the mirror of those two corona light planes. So thats fair enough - I go to those corona lights and turn Effect reflection OFF. And there I get no ugly reflectionin the mirror of them.

But I did notice another thing that I am not getting those speculars from those two planes anymore. The materials became flat and dead. And corona light does not have a checkbox called effect speculars.

Basically if you turn OFF effect reflections you are loosing all the speculars at the same time. Which to me sounds weird. Is there a way to seperate reflections from speculars with corona light?

Thank you very much.

Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2016-12-29, 00:11:24 »
To have the option in the corona light to seperate effect reflection and effect speculars. I think this is critical to have - especially in production.

If I am putting a corona plane light in the scene or a IES (DISC), basically I do not want to see it in my camera or in my reflections, especially mirrors a w hite disturbing plane. I just want to get light, shadows and all the speculars from it.

Because honestly now in corona if you are putting a corona plane light in the middle of the scene, you will see that plane in your mirror reflections and else where. If you are diasbling effect reflection, at the same time you are removing all the speculars as well.

And also corona could have something very similar like VrayToon effect - because in production when you are making white renders for the clients, they want to see the model shapes clearly. If you are making just a clay render a lot of objects sometimes blends with each other, and you cannot not see where is what. If you are making a wire color - well that is an old school method which look very ugly when you have a bedroom and your bed DUVE is 1mil-2mil polys and you can see that in your wire frame.

What Vraytoon does, is showing only the shape of the models, Makes a contour around it. So you end up with a clean white/clay render + you can understand the model shapes very clearly. And the set up for it is very fast.

Honestly these two major things are still holding me back from swithing from vray to corona. If we will ever have these two features - that would be amazing, I think corona is an amazing engine and will go far, but there is much stuff to do. Till some people/studios will feel SAFE to migrate from vray to corona.



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