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Gallery / Re: T-HOUSE | FULL CGI |
« on: 2018-02-23, 15:44:29 »
What is the lighting set up here for the exterior? corona sun +sky or just an HDRI? :)

Gallery / Re: T-HOUSE | FULL CGI |
« on: 2018-02-22, 17:10:02 »
Nice Renders

I need help / Re: Layered Material - Problem
« on: 2018-02-13, 10:54:17 »
PROH - I agree. It would be so straight forward thing to do :) That would be a miracle :)

I need help / Re: Layered Material - Problem
« on: 2018-02-12, 17:26:39 »
Alright so basically to achieve displacement on each different material in multilayered. You have to plug displacement in a mix map then that mix map in another mix map with another displacement and everything has to be on a base MTL. It works like a charm. :)


General CG discussion / Max Standart shaded mode problem.
« on: 2018-02-09, 16:33:20 »
Hello there everyone. I am using 2017 max 64bit. GPU: Titan X pascal. Latest drivers.

I am getting same problem as this guy does, basically in standart shaded mode I get transparent objects with visible lines ;/

Does anyone know how to sort this out? Max is runing on directx 11. Nitrous.

I need help / Re: Layered Material - Problem
« on: 2018-02-09, 11:20:06 »
Thank you I will try :)

I need help / Layered Material - Problem
« on: 2018-02-09, 10:55:34 »
Hello there everyone,

I have this issue with corona layered material.

Really simple - I am creating a beach scene.

So material setup really simple: Corona LayeredMtl. The base mtl has a DRY sand with displacement and the second material below has a WET sand (no displacement)

And I am masking these to with a map channel 2. Black and WHITE MASK.

When I press render I can see the dry and wet sand blending fine. But the whole plane(beach) is using displacement from the base material. Even the wet sand area has displacement. (AND IT DOES NOT)

Its like its working with the duffuse and such but displacement is only working on the base material. ;/

Can anyone help how to solve my problem.

How should I approach this situation.

I want the dry sand displaced and the wet sand becoming FLAT. (no dispalcement)

Thank you.

Gallery / Re: Xi'an Westin Museum Hotel
« on: 2018-01-26, 17:12:13 »
great images man :)

Gallery / Re: Home is wherever i 'm with you
« on: 2018-01-26, 17:11:28 »
this is f amazing :) good work man :)

« on: 2017-12-07, 11:37:48 »
I like it, looks good. But it lacks something - maybe life. :) only my opinion :)

I need help / Re: Corona masks RGB no clean edges why?
« on: 2017-12-06, 11:53:27 »
Simple - if you will always render your beauty pass with a background in it. Your BG/Backplate blue/white/light pixels will bake in all of your corner pixels of your alpha channel. Windows corners etc and trees are the worst.

If you know that you will change you bg later on - render your image with black BG.

If you rendered it with a sky or some kind of color - sometimes in photoshop Layer>Matting (Defringe 1px) or remove white matte helps. But sometimes it does not help. Sometimes you can get artifacts etc - make it even worse.

Remember the smaller resolution you are rendering the worse it will get. I think 3-4k image minimum is good. For doing Layer>matting.

Good luck

I need help / Re: Corona light and LightMtl renders grey
« on: 2017-11-29, 11:29:48 »
JensH - it is easy to do it. But its not if you do not have experience.

If you want to create something as realistic as possible it will not be that easy and simple. :D

How I would do this is:

1. First of all have a good model of your light tube to make it as real as possible. Not just a cylinder and you are good to go.

2. Create realistic materials for the tube.

3. Put A tube cylinder shape corona light inside of the glass tube, but do not make it in full lenght of the glass tube. THE ENDS have to be darker to make it more realistic, because those end are the connections, joints of the real light unit.

4. Select that light which is inside press INCLUDE and include only tube light model (all of it) + Your concrete column. Nothing else. You will be able to control that tube light intensity only for the tubes excluding the whole scene. In this way if the light from the exterior is to bright you will still be able to control the tube lights separately not to over burn them.

5. Now obviously these tube lights will produce light from them to your interior. So Crete a CAPSULE/cylinder shape corona light and place it around the concrete column with your tube lights. PRESS exclude - choose your column and your tube lights. With this light you will control the light coming from the tubes to your interior. Not effecting the column and tubes. Because you will be effecting tubes with their inner lights.

6. Control your exterior lights not to over burn everything in the scene.

7. Make a MAT ELEMENT OR MAT ID for the glass tubes. In post you will be able to reduce them or bump them up if needed.

8. OR SCRAP all of this and use Self Illuminated material in the tubes for faster rend-times.

With these tricky lighting setups it will be always tricky. But if you know what you are doing it will be fine. And the rendering times and noise will work better with your scene.

Because now if you would just put a light in those tubes and just pull the intensity up it would be a disaster :D Because that light will have to go throw your tubes into your scene causing longer render times and more noise. It will be hard on the engine and blablabla bla.

In the end this is my personal opinion you can do it whatever way you think is best for you :)

Good luck.

Gallery / Re: Jewelry
« on: 2017-11-17, 10:56:12 »
Now that is a proper jewelry render right thurrr. :) Beautiful. And that leather material dayyyuumm :)

Gallery / Re: BATHROOM DESIGN 2018
« on: 2017-11-14, 12:32:59 »

GPU: Asus Titan X Pascal
CPU: i7 6950X - I overcocked it a bit.
Corsair DDR4 - 128GB

I was rendering in distributed mode with my another machine which has 6 cores i7.

Rendered images where from 3500px tp 6000px.

Render times were from 4-8h. Depending on DOF intensity. These were rendered as clean as possible because I had time and these images were used for my portfolio. So I needed the best quality I could get in a decent time ratio.

But if I would render these for production. I think I could easily cut that time in half. So 2-4 hours (for full hd even less than that). Also depends from the scene complexity. Simple scenes render a lot faster. Complicated ones with a lot of detail and reflections - takes longer.

Same story with every engine. I would jump on GPU rendering, but memory is a major issue.

I would not have time going and optimizing every model that would be so boring and insane :D I would rather create something beautiful in that time.

I think when gpu memory is going to become not an issue - 80% of us will jump on it. I would...

Good luck :)

Gallery / Re: Hālō
« on: 2017-11-13, 17:44:40 »
looks sweet :)

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