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Or render only half of the image at a time and stitch them together in PS... :)

I wouldn't recommend that, because the stitching might be an issue, unless you somehow overlap the images.

If increasing the resolution causes your RAM to run out, it might be caused by too many render passes. Could you maybe reduce the number of the passes and try to render that? You could for example split the project into two versions before rendering, with each version having one half of the passes and then merge them afterwards in post.

Hi Chris!

We've since the time of that post spent some time fixing the issues with Proxies, so there are good chances that the situation is now much better. For one, we fixed the responsiveness of the UI when using larger numbers of Proxies. I can only suggest you try the Proxies again and see if they work to your liking now.

Hi everyone! We wanted to update you on what we're working on for the next daily build. As well as letting you know what we hope will be in the build, it will also be an insight into why things have taken us longer than we expected - we appreciate your patience.

Please remember these are plans only - work is ongoing and unexpected things can come up at any time.

  • We're working on including the new Core of Corona 6. Big changes there are that it will introduce the new Adaptive Environment Sampler, which totally removes the need for portals (basically, less noise in less time, without having to set up portals).
  • The new Core also makes things more portable between applications. In other words, in time it will allow greater compatibility between 3ds Max and Cinema 4D versions of Corona. This should help making the Corona Material Library available in C4D in the future.
  • We're working on adding the Corona Volume Grid. However, it requires a re-write - in 3ds Max, it is dependent on some parts of the 3ds Max code, and obviously we have had to "unentangle" it from any Max code so that it is self-contained. This has been a little more work than we anticipated, but it is progressing well.
  • Cinema 4D S22 was released, and we've set to work on that. We hope that it is mostly just a change to the installer rather than Corona code itself, but we want to make sure this is future-proof for when R22 comes out, and we're also looking into some materials showing as black in the new viewport. We should know more soon on whether we want to hold back the release for S22 until those black materials are fixed, or get S22 compatibility out there quickly and fix any outstanding issues later.
  • We've been working hard on the Node Editor for some time, and it has taken us longer than we expected - but it was a big task. We believe we are almost finished work on improving this! It's an almost total rework to the Shared Shader that underlies how the Node Editor allows sharing of shaders and materials. This should solve problems such as:
    • Some shader stops rendering, or renders only in the viewport but not in the VFB
    • The overall stability of the Shared Shader will be improved
    • The native Texture Manager should work without problems
    • And, it should reduce problems with Undo and Redo (which may have been causing problems in scenes with Shared Shaders, even though that may not have been obvious it was the cause).

Sorry that we can't give you an "expect the next daily on such-and-such a date" - for the last few weeks, we've been thinking we are close to release and will be set by the end of the week, but have always uncovered some additional major work required. We will release the next daily as soon as we can, though - and meantime, we'll keep you updated on what we are working on, and anything that is causing us unexpected delays.

Hi, is this happening with all .ies profiles or just with some specific ones? If the latter, could you share the problematic .ies with us so that we can test this?

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: shadow catcher
« on: 2020-03-18, 19:56:16 »

If I understand correctly, you should have a look at the Corona Tonemap Control shader. It allows you to select, which post-processing effects will be applied to the shader. In its default settings, all post-processing effects are disabled, so to solve your issue, you just have to add the Tonemap Control shader into the self-illumination slot of the backplate material and insert your HDRI image as a subshader of the Tonemap Control shader.

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: Materialpreview Scene
« on: 2020-03-18, 19:16:45 »
Hi! The scene file is not saved anywhere. We just take the selected material preview scene, take the object named "Object" or "object" from it, add the checkered background and some lights and render it! This way, you can use your custom or third-party preview scenes. For example, I just tried V-Ray material preview scenes and Corona can use them without any trouble.

Hey everyone!

We finally updated the information in the changelog post with changes from the Corona rendering core:

It shouldn't matter if you multiply all light sources (lights, emissive surfaces, HDRI) with the same coefficient.

Hi, try using the "Occlude other lights" option, that should help you!

Yeah, we tried again and weren't able to make it freeze anymore. If there are any specific conditions, under which it freezes, we would be grateful to know them.

Hi all,

we are releasing a daily build of the new version of Corona Renderer. Namely Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D. This build contains a few fixes as well as some changes from the Corona rendering core. The core changes will be added in the following days to the changelog, but in the meantime, you can merilly test the new build.

Do note, however, that we removed the Corona Standalone from the early builds of Corona v6 for now, due to technical reasons. We will add it back before the final release, so stay tuned!

Download link:


Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-02-27) (

Edit: Updated with changes and fixes that were included with the switch to the new Corona rendering core.

  • Fixed:
    • Fixed crash in IR, when rendering with soft selection
    • Fixed rendering of projector shader
    • Fixed occasional freezes when dragging connections in material node system
    • Fixed blurring of caustics at the edge of the screen
    • Fixed issue where light mix/postprocessing settings in VFB where not accepting values if mouse was outside of the VFB window
  • Added:
    • Introduced a new way to activate corona - you can set your email & password or a path to the licensing server to environment variable CORONA_ACTIVATION:
      • For email and password, use format “email:password”
      • For licensing server address, use format “LS:address”
    • Added render stamp token %ptg which is replaced with the scene geometry preprocessing time (in milliseconds).
  • Changed
    • Temporarily removed Corona Standalone from the installer. We're currently doing a full rewrite of the Standalone code and it will be much faster if we don't need to maintain full backwards compatibility in every step during the development. The new version of standalone will be ready for v6 release.

There's just one little trick (took me some time to figure it out) - in order to "bake" the state of your hair into the model, you have to use "Simulate" -> "Hair Edit" -> "Set as Dynamics", otherwise the hair might get reset when you change the timeframe

Hi johnny!

Try the C4D hair tools:

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