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Feature requests Cinema 4D - resolved / Re: denoising and DR
« on: 2017-04-25, 12:42:25 »
I'm on A6, would you add denoise amount on beauty pass ?, as render element on 3DS

What do you mean by "denoise amount on beauty pass"? Would you like to have the denoise amount setting in the beauty pass tab (by the way, the contents of this tab are now under the "Multi-pass" pass tab)?

I had to see a few tutorial about the texmap pass and now I understand completely. Yes, Tom, it seems that we already have this in Cinema. Happy to tick this one off :-)

Done ;-)

This is already implemented, right? Now it's Corona -> New Material ...

Hi, Rhodesy, can you explain more what this feature request means? I don't understand...

Hi, GokhanB

Can you tell us, whether this issue is already fixed for you? Thanks

Hi, walterfog,

from your stacktrace, it is clear that what happens is that the main application thread is blocked on getting a response from the licensing server. We have fixed a hang-up in licensing recently, so it might as well be that your bug is fixed. Could you please check it?

Thanks for the report!

Hi walterfog,

sorry for not replying so long, but we tried to reproduce your issue with Maxwell 4 and everything was alright. It could be only happening with Maxwell version 3, but unfortunately we weren't able to activate the version 3.

Anyway, what's the current status of this problem? Does it still happen to you? It would be great to find the cause of this.

yes, I should get myself together...:D

Thanks, that's much better ;-) We will look at it

Can you test this with the newest daily builds please? It seems like this could already be fixed...

What is still worth noting, that the camera shutter speed is still having the lower limit of 1/1000 second, and the upper limit of 100 seconds.
(The F-stop for instance doesn't seem to have this limitation, it actually can be set lower to 1 as well.)

(Mantis ID: 0002383)

Thanks, furtonb! If it is in Mantis, it cannot get lost, so we will eventually get to it.

oh. wrong file, sure!

Thanks a lot! But I'm afraid I'd like to see the _BugReport.txt file now :-)

Did you try the highlight clamping solution? It works for me. See the attached image.

Can you try it now please? It should work...

Try this now please. It works in the newest daily builds.

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