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General Discussion / Re: Unclipped HDRI...?
« on: 2018-11-09, 07:55:11 »
谢谢解答,想请教各位作为新手如何挑选好的HDRI或者好的HDRI的标准是什么(Indoor rendering)

High dynamic range and good calibration is all you need. 4K resolution (you start to see pixelated reflections in 2K but it's not bad).

LINK TO THE GIF : | I posted on discord a list of some of the best HDRIs. Link in my forum signature.

I don't think Corona SSS (without textures) itself has something to do with texture tiling. It's more of UV/tiling issue than related to the SSS maybe?

General Discussion / Re: Unclipped HDRI...?
« on: 2018-11-09, 05:09:36 »
I downloaded an hdri website on hdrihaven and it says it's 22EV but I turned on the sun with PS and it was 16EV. I wonder why or do I understand something wrong

Have a read here :

Funny thing about indigo is its developed about 200 metres from my office in newcastle, UK!

You making me jealous now .

It's heavily physically based (light transport/spectral light computations) and is one of my favorite, sadly not as production ready as Corona is. And Corona is getting better and better as well and beside complicated-to-render caustics, it is very amazing to render with Corona. I like to work in wavelenghts with Octane and other capable engines, I miss a bit of that in Corona but it is not an downside on its own.

They did a great job (for Indigo) on the integrations but it's IMO in some kind of Beta development, there is a lot more to add to use it in production with ease and without a hundreads of workaround (Both Max and C4D).

OffTopic again, whoops.

I need help / Re: Corona Volume mtl
« on: 2018-11-08, 12:53:35 »
I cannot download your file for safety/security reasons. Can you upload screenshots instead please ?

I need help / Re: Glass Black not transparent without GI on?
« on: 2018-11-08, 11:15:34 »
Hello Dan.

In some renders I do not wish to have GI on for more dramatic lighting and deeper shadows but If I turn off GI the Glass like shell is black.

⚠️ : You should never turn off GI for artistic effect/look. Corona is a photo realistic physically accurate renderer, if it looks bad then it's up to you to work/study lighting and materials. If you show me your scene/render I can try to help you improve and guide you.

You will get your desire "look" with GI as it is how real life works. Photons ("light") is bouncing infinitely off of objects and surfaces, that's GI. It's crucial for photo realistic and physically accurate rendering as it mimic real life photons/bounces.

I need help / Re: Corona Volume mtl
« on: 2018-11-08, 11:12:36 »
Additionally to what sprayer showed, you can also play with directionality in CoronaLight settings. My favorite values are starting at 45 to 60.

Hey peeps,

I've been using both throughout the years and I can definitely say there are pros and cons to each. (...) When I switched to 3ds Max it was a whole different experience. The interactivity is a lot more like what you get in Octane in C4D where the IPR updates flawlessly.(...)
(...) I can't tell you how helpful that was for my professional growth as you can really see where the drawbacks of each software are at.


Off-Topic comment :
Talking about Indigo, this piece of science / tech and software is mindblowing. There is true geniuses behind it and I wish its development was being pushed further and wish them the best. I know it's not easy for this small team to implement the most complex algorithms and integrate them in Max/C4D. They already made some impressive exploits.

Huh...I was looking on Discord and I remember I saw this name on Facebook. Thanks for helping! Back to Max...I have to re do all my custom librairies on it now. Beside the nodes, per-material settings are the same. After that ↴

Quote from: oddvisionary
I probably will release my old C4D stuff on gumroad and share more making of here as requested. Just didn't had much time since then...

Thank you ;) I appreciate it!

Funny, I was using 3ds Max again at the beginning of the year and then switched back to C4D. I do think you'll like the complexity and robustness that it offers. You'll dislike some other stuff though :P

You are not by any chance going by the nickname Jin Roh on FB are ya?


Haha, I actually am in love with 3ds Max right now. Never felt so good in my life, and so far very stable. I'm starting to get used to the controls, UI and workflow and am very excited to learn more.

Corona is trully amazing on Max as it was its original integration.

Yep, that's me Jin Roh

Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2018-11-07, 19:39:50 »
OK, that's fancy! But that's typically the kind of stuff that will remain on the bottom of my most wanted feature list. You know, the kind of stuff that works well with a teapot and a cylinder but not that much with a real production scene...

Let's concentrate on what offer real value and most importantly fix things that are not working properly since ages (like reflection override for example).

I totally agree. The thing is, V-Ray (Chaos Group) can have some fun with fancy features since their Renderer has already "all" the features the users/studios need.

Im in exactly the same boat (...) just as im leaving c4d and the arrival of the node editor

^ Exactly. I even published a feedback/Request for their C4D node editor :
I never used Max before and now I understand why they added "views" in C4D Corona editor and I understand better its purpose. I don't think it was needed to have a similar view-page-system though. Corona is still very much appreciated in C4D, we needed a good CPU PT Renderer on C4D, and a fast one. V-Ray should catch up soon as well now they got it back.

I'll certainly miss some stuff from C4D but I know how powerful Max can be and the tools available are very strong as well as you mentioned. Quite expensive for sure...Another good thing : we get the most recent updates in time...this time as there is no more porting-delay. Not bad at the end...I think Max is more external-renderer friendly than Cinema4D but the User Experience with the C4D interface is much more responsive. I saw other people videos/streams, it's not only me, it's jut Max and its weird 90s looking responsiveness.

Thanks for giving your insight!

PS : You sure about TIFF though? Have you tried exporting via Corona VFB? Still learning Max, did not had time to try this out yet.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Automotive Look Dev
« on: 2018-11-07, 14:32:21 »
I thought I was looking at reference photos for a minute there. Very nice.

Corona gives this feeling too...haha. Thank you for your compliment. Appreciate it.


Would you mind sharing the V-Ray scene in .c4d / .fbx format? I realize there is .max version available online but I am currently not subscribed to 3ds Max. Would appreciate it a lot :)

Special thanks to @Tago on discord for doing the conversion. I switched to Max 2 days ago though. Next upcoming look-dev will be from Corona for Max from now on. I probably will release my old C4D stuff on gumroad and share more making of here as requested. Just didn't had much time since then...

Download link (fbx/obj) - I personally improved a bit the UVs :

I recently finally switched to Max for some pro/personnal reasons that you may know already. This isn't the subject of this post anyway.

Obviously, my first renderer for Max will (is* , since yesterday) Corona. I've been using Corona Alpha C4D (yearsSssSss ago). Thanks for the 42 days free by the way, until I learn Max Interface.

I noticed quite obvious differences (to the eye). But before, let me be clear : all devs and Render Legion staff are doing a great job, I'm not here to discredit them or anything.

Compared to in-Cinema4D, I felt Corona being way faster, smoother, and "richer" in Max. It almost feels like I just bought a new and better CPU than my i7 5thGen...

- Faster : Parsing and rendering is overall faster, denoising faster (without denoiser, I'm talking samples), maybe it's related to how my CPU is being used, in max at his full potential or something ? No idea of what's going on under the hood.
- Smoother as there is some VFB interactivity differences. I can resize the VFB, it will adapt the scale without changing resolution settings. Smooth is also related to the speed above.
- Richer...This one is surprising. I haven't done any technical test as it's time consuming for me right now, but I really feel like specular/reflection are seriously crisper, depth of the falloff is also different (using high quality HDRI) colors are also much more deeper. Feels like going from sRGB to AdobeRGB if you wanna know.

This is based on "feelings" but I'm pretty sure there is technical explanations. I do like to specify : I did not switched to Max because the Beta of CoronaC4D isn't great, no no. I needed Max for work and felt limited on C4D but more on C4D related stuff than Corona itself (which can indirectly get affected but no big deal).

Is it possible when porting, that there can be core engine differences "affected" by the "portation" (if that even the right term...).

Anyway, I loved Corona before, loving it even more on Max.

Gallery / Re: mediterranean style
« on: 2018-11-06, 18:28:34 »
That's why I mentioned softbox as it's the same concept. Good work nonetheless.

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