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Hi Mitchino
Thank you! Have a look at the sene. It was postet at the 2019-02-15, 20:48:25.


Thank you IAC! The hint was perfect!

Thank you for your help!
Here is the scene to inspect.

I have the problem that the IR rendering differs significantly from the final rendering. In the example it is the luminous drops on the front. What could be the reason? Are certain effects not considered in IR rendering?

Thank you for your support. Please download the scene from here:

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Texture flat projection artefacts
« on: 2019-01-24, 09:31:14 »
I have a brick wall on which I project a logo with alpha channel flat. Without selection I got horizontal grooves in the wall. With a selection I can fix it. But this limits my free placement. Why are these artefacts created?

Thank you

Thank you Bengamin, for your efforts and sorry for my persistence!
Now I have the hopefully the final behavior of the Bend Deformer in connection with the IR. Its the Fat Projection of the texture. See the screenshots.

OK, sorry. Thats correct. Please try it with the Bend-Deformer not the Wrap Deformer. I have recognized the error with the Bend Deformer under IR.

Hi Beanzvision
Meanwhile I could narrow down the bug. The distortion of the texture only occurs during Interactive Rendering but the final rendering is correct. Test your example with Interactive Rendering. Thank you!

Hi I recognize the same bug. The preview is OK, in the rendering it distorts the texture. Even with sticky tag. See the screenshot.

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