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Last day I installed and very happy to use it, seems very simple and improved.

I do mostly product visual, Anyone suggest some nice studio light tutorials,  render setting, multipass for C4D.
In a test scene, I added light, it was full bright but did not found its brightness... from where to control....?

Material all found for Max..... what for C4D users....?

Thanks to corona team for an nice product and I hope you will see me often here.




This is great new for all C4D users. Thsnks for sharing.

One thing only... some render sample showed that are with post effect (Photoshop) or just rendered....?

General Discussion / C4D, Mac OS X User...!
« on: 2013-12-29, 07:40:56 »

Very impressive and nice renders.
I am C4D, Mac user, is it available any trial or demo...?


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