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Looking for some nice HDRI with backplates... some city and roads.
I have some from HDRmaps... these are nice and not expensive also but dont have city library.
Something like that in low price....!!!



Gallery / Re: Ford Mustang 2015
« on: 2018-02-13, 07:44:57 »
Nice render.
HDRI, backdrop from where.... any link please...?


Hi Houska, thanks for that.

There is another one... IR running and copping object by dragging and holding ctrl key.... it quits.
Files sent to you.


not clear...!


Firs time this... saving multi-pass psd is different than render view, its more shiny... but JPG saved is same as render view which is correct . Did I missed anything in multipass or...?


and one more.... in PSD multipass file, if I place a another image in that... it shows washed out, it is all over the layers then how its washed out... any idea...?

Yes... you are right.
safe side... it should not quit... some red screen or notify Corona is not selected.


by the way...Vray Render works well with Corona material/ lights.


Thanks Eddoron for detailed reply.

I was using 0.5 screen size... and sure it was taking time to calculate... but the issue was when IR runs at 4K why not then render...! IR calculates and run passes in 4 to 5 min, and when start render.... wow... it goes crazy, in 20 min 1 pass,  I think it should that same time as IR started.

Later I set to 1 screen size and finished that...! happy ever after.


I don't think this is caused by any other render engine.
You can give a try... a simple scene with corona render setting, run IR. create  new render setting, (it will be c4d default setting) move to that... it will quit.

It was happened when I was rendering a scene and it was very noisy...! Tried some setting but no, so then I thought to create new render setting, as I created and move to that to set Corona setting.... it was quit.

One thing can be.... before move to new default setting, first set the corona engine then move to that new setting (I mean... small white icon enable after set the corona render engine).

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: Material ID
« on: 2018-02-11, 08:43:23 »

I did some material duplicate and then change it setting, so some material ID's are in same color in multipass.
How can I change the Material ID colors...?
OR any way to reset all material color IDs...?


Are you running out of RAM?
I don't think.... 64gb it is.


Displacement works by stacking materials to object... first displacement and then any other object. This is nice....!

Back to coin displacement, displacement works fine... much better and flawless...!
IR at 3200 works fine... all looks ok but when rendering.... then something goes wrong, 20 min and 1 pass, activity like dead.... system goes crazy, force quit screen appears... and after sometime I do c4d force quit.

IR shows preview but when renders.... noisy screen till 20 min and 1 pass.


Displacement also work by applying 2 textures to object. first displacement and then any other material.


No idea in C4d but it works in Vray.
and it will be nice if add some gobo, bulge and soft box options.


It would be great to load texture maps directly into Corona Area Lights instead of using the Light Material or add a exclude/include option to those.

I think like this... HDR studio light texture direct in area light...!


In a scene... IR is running and if create new render setting and move to that... C4D quits.


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