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Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« Last post by Njen on Today at 02:06:20 »
I was talking about specifically in the realm of CG graphics, before Softimage was ported to NT, there was not much on Windows, as the entire industry was at the time still on SGI's. I remember this because I was working in the industry at the time, and when the news of Softimage being ported to NT was reported, almost overnight, most of the major CG houses started to question the move to Windows. Software was very much the driving factor.

I found a post on a forum from 2005 by Jeremy Birn (one of the most prolific lighters from Pixar):
In the 1990’s, high end work based on commercial 3D software became centered around one pipeline: Model in Alias (that was Alias Studio/Alias Power Animator), Animate in Softimage (that was Softimage Creative Environment later called Softimage|3D), and render in Renderman. All of this was done on SGI workstations.

After Microsoft bought Softimage in 1994 and clearly was going to port Softimage to Windows NT, SGI aquired both Alias Research and its leading competitor Wavefront|TDI, and put them together basically to make a new program that would crush Softimage. It worked. Companies switched from modeling in Alias, then animating in Softimage, to doing both modeling and animation in Maya. Use of Softimage really plunged between 1995 when it was the industry standard animation program and 2000 when it was looking like a has-been and most companies had dumped it for Maya.

Of course, Microsoft’s port of Softimage to Windows NT was successful, and eventually Alias had to port Maya to Windows as well, even while it was owned by SGI. Softimage was sold to Avid, has slowly battled its way back with its own next-generation app, XSI, and is starting to gain market share in the high-end again.
Bug Reporting / where is corona sun in corona light lister
« Last post by denisgo22 on Yesterday at 23:00:42 »
hey Guys. Thanks for latest release and brilliant work/
especially for implement of Corona light lister.  but it was very strange for me not to detect
there is the most important thing for switch cameras in scene// Corona Sun
Gallery / Re: Rainy Test | Summerhouse Sandby | Johan Sundberg Arkitektur.
« Last post by TomG on Yesterday at 22:53:40 »
I haven't looked at the set up here, but I do know that Particle Flow lets you add things like deflectors, to bounce particles off of, so that could be done. Also, it allows you to spawn new particles when a particle hits something, so you could also set it up that way, so that an original rain drop particle can trigger a "mini explosion" of smaller particles, so it could be done that way too. Now, whether that's contained in the setup, or was what was used in this scene, I can't say :) But it would be possible to set it up so that the particle flow took care of all of that!
Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« Last post by agentdark45 on Yesterday at 22:49:32 »
+1 for microdetail, with bump, or anything. But to me that would be at the top of the list.

This x100000

I've been spoiled by how well FStorm handles bump mapping, and bitmap filtering/sharpness in general. Perfect example is how you can create an anisotropic metal just by using bump maps (and it doesn't break at different resolutions/zoom levels).

Even with 8K wood floor bitmaps for example, for some reason Corona just can't get as sharp without the material turning to a blur at a slight distance, while FStorm retains full detail. I've done a 1:1 comparison and the difference is night and day.
Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: stop button
« Last post by tma on Yesterday at 22:28:19 »
Great, I'm eager to test the next build
Gallery / Re: Rainy Test | Summerhouse Sandby | Johan Sundberg Arkitektur.
« Last post by Edvinas on Yesterday at 22:22:35 »
Thanks for sharing quick explanation of rain drops. However, I am still curious, does the described method adds the rains which are bouncing from table and terrace? Or it's another trick?
« Last post by pokoy on Yesterday at 21:17:01 »
Hmm, this is something the devs should be able to judge, but if a standard noise is being used, I think it's animated by default. This could lead to a smoother caustic pass since hf1 doesn't take motion blur into account. Again, only a guess, I have no idea if this is the case with the comparison between v4 and v4 hf1.
I need help / Re: Is it possible to match this camera angle?
« Last post by dj_buckley on Yesterday at 21:13:10 »
I'm pretty sure you can do this with PTGui if you have the original files with the EXIF data in them.

When you stitch the Pano in PTGui it gives you a new FoV for the resulting panorama making it easier to match.

I could be wrong, it's been a while since I've done it
Thanks for the reply and looking forward to the update.

Needless to say, falloff is a crucial part of mograph and this bug dramatically affects the usability of the IR (at least for me). No doubt it is one of many things on the list, but don't leave it too far down!

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