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Gallery / VESAK 2 O 1 9
« Last post by Sang Bui on Yesterday at 22:19:15 »
H A P P Y   V E S A K   D A Y !
C E L E B R A T I O N S !

SketchUp Modeling | Corona Renderer 2.0
Here are more high resolution images:

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section.
Comments are always welcome to improve my works !
Anyway, this is my Facebook :
I need help / Re: corona render instance duplicator
« Last post by aref3dsmax on Yesterday at 22:00:50 »
hi tom
in 3ds max when you , in material editor click utility \ instance duplicate map, all duplicate map has been Instance together and very useful for manger our ram.
but that`s command not work for Corona Bitmap.
Buggy V3 threw me off, but v4 with Caustics & "fixes" got me considering & looking for perpetual license, since my only wish is to have a tool perfectly working at any time in my life w/o hassle of licensing when i retire and go off grid...

Maxon is appreciated for offering Cinema 4D in such a way and product greatly valued for this.
Blender throws no shadow of a doubt.
Finally it's just Corona... being with is stressful for me as it's constantly floating in status quo. To be or not to be?

Do you have an answer or are you preparing one? 
Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Practice scene
« Last post by evalery on Yesterday at 19:27:10 »
Thanks very much, Lucian

yes, I think this is the smallest scene I ever did :))
Work in Progress/Tests / Re: romullus wips
« Last post by romullus on Yesterday at 19:20:42 »
Chunk approves Corona fisheye

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Practice scene
« Last post by Designerman77 on Yesterday at 18:34:46 »

as you mention... I also have the impression that in 3dsMax, Corona somehow delivers better results... although it should not be like this.

Yes, today I opened a thread, suggesting to reserve more calculation power for shadow areas and antialiasing on edges.

On older machines, I cannot recommend to use the interactive render. My older Mac with an i7 3,4 GHZ could manage it only on smaller scenes.
Now, my new machine gets along with IR also in heavy scenes.

Wishing you success!

Greetings, Lucian

P.S. your practicing scene looks very nice!

Gallery / Townhouse in Australia | Architectural Visualization
« Last post by DEER_Design on Yesterday at 18:24:10 »
Hello friends,
We'd like to share our latest project:
- Title: Townhouse in Australia
- Full project:
- Tools: 3Ds Max + Corona

Hope you like our work!
Thank you so much!!!
Contact us:
- Email:
- Behance:
Gallery / Re: The Pool House
« Last post by DEER_Design on Yesterday at 18:21:24 »
Love it! Very Nice!
Thank you so much!
Your work is great too!
Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Practice scene
« Last post by evalery on Yesterday at 17:53:19 »
of course, it could be improved, I'm sure the guys are working on it but maybe you should open a topic for these issues for the developers. Also maybe it matters if you're working in C4D or 3ds max?

Yes, I totally agree, I always want to focus on creativity and not on the technical problems. For this scene, for example, it took me a huge amount of time to create the metal materials, especially that I also used the interactive corona window and crushed every time I was trying to add more layers to the material and especially AO masks.
I'll share an update (very low res cause I'm still working on those metals)

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Practice scene
« Last post by Designerman77 on Yesterday at 17:14:04 »
Hey Evalery,

one has the impression, that no matter what machine one has, it´s never fast enough...

I bought an iMac Pro 8 core some months ago... pretty fast thing.
And now some guys here in the forums who use the Threadripper with 32 cores claim that my machine is "not a render engine by any means".  :)))

In my opinion, this endless spiral of more and more cores and power should be compensated by more intelligent algorithms in the render engines.

As you said, Corona is a great renderer... my absolute favorite - especially due to its great light calculation and resulting aesthetics.

Nevertheless, a few improvements could save us from this crazy, never-ending race for GHZ. So we could focus on creativity.

P.S. on my machine, denoising takes literally just something like 20 seconds, even on large images.

But as mentioned, edges with high contrast, like on metal parts take endless render time until they have clean antialiasing.
Should be improved... in my oppinion.

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