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I need help / Re: Corona Dr server Local IP mismatch
« Last post by TangibleVisual on Yesterday at 18:39:13 »
Update, so I have a work around. The PC I am on has 2 network adaptors, I switched the cable and set the static IP on the new adaptor and now it works as expected. 
Gallery / Re: Nautikka
« Last post by steyin on Yesterday at 18:33:14 »
These are great. Love the mood and feel.
Gallery / Re: Best noodles in town...
« Last post by fafiumpc on Yesterday at 17:40:10 »
Really nice!! can you post the various steps and post production?

Congratulations again !!
General Discussion / Re: Project Lavina for Corona?
« Last post by sprayer on Yesterday at 16:54:19 »
Realtime GI exist long time ago in unreal engine and cryengine, please note what raytracing what nvidia ads is not GI in most games what was releases just reflection and shadows, though shadows was good even without raytracing i was compare in lastest game Control, by the way it run raytracing without RT cores.
But still you forgetting what corona using Intel embree, if corona team will making something like you ask it will be not corona.
Gallery / Re: Chair and Fabric
« Last post by Erald on Yesterday at 16:34:15 »
General Discussion / Re: Project Lavina for Corona?
« Last post by yfrasier on Yesterday at 15:45:54 »
Real time raytracing and such is definitely the future IMO, especially for the arch industry. If you can render on the fly for a client it will be amazing. A coworker showed me Lavina a few months back and we agreed that it would be ideal for any arch office. Same goes with VR/AR + BIM. These things will change the industry in a near revolutionary way; only a matter of time.
How it can change anything if fake baking light and reflection is looks almost the same? And it not required expensive hardware, you already have tools for that for free. It gives just a bit more accurate result that's all. What will change is then will be different replacement to polygons like voxels with material inside and new quantum PC =)

IMO baked lighting and fake reflections CAN look pretty good, but with lots of effort and faking everything along with an enormous amount of personal time and effort to create. They still can't approach the results you get from GI. That's why gaming engines are adding real-time raytracing to their respective engines because it's the next step in the evolution of these industries.

If it's just as easy to push a button to get the same results, those of us willing to pay for it, I believe would jump at that chance and already are. Also, rather than kinda guessing at the results you get them instantaneously in realtime, which makes art direction and adjustment that much simpler and iteration faster.


General Discussion / Re: Times changes, maybe it is time for GPU support?
« Last post by sprayer on Yesterday at 15:05:58 »
You forgetting what heart of corona is intel embree and how GPU may be not stable to work with other task during renders.
General Discussion / Re: Times changes, maybe it is time for GPU support?
« Last post by TomG on Yesterday at 14:52:47 »
It's not as simple as the amount of memory - the architecture of GPUs is different. See and for discussion of that :)

"That means that the benefit of “thousands of processors” is only fully realized when all the cores are doing more or less the same thing at more or less the same time. The more varied the work that each processor core is doing, and the more branches in logic, then the more work is required to keep everything in sync and the less benefit you will see with GPU architecture, and at some point in complexity the CPU will easily overtake the performance of the GPU." to quote the second page.
General Discussion / Times changes, maybe it is time for GPU support?
« Last post by naeq on Yesterday at 14:30:03 »
Hello, my name is Thomas and I have been working as a 3D generalist, VFX artist and Filmmaker for the past fifteen years.
The first time I saw Corona Render (Alpha 3) I have immediately become obsessed with it. I have spent many years working with V-Ray, mastering its every setting to get the best render times - and now I have the ultimate solution in my hands - Corona rendering plugin. But it is not a rendering plugin, it is a virtual camera (that is what I like to call Corona Render). Thanks Render Legion for saving everyone’s time and money, great job! Even 'crackers' respect Corona and that's cool  :)

Due to the nature of my work, I need to follow current trends and be up to date with every aspect of that industry. Most of the software companies saw the potential in GPU utilizing, like Black Magic Design with their DaVinci Resolve, which became 15294739x times faster than Adobe Premiere, because of the perfect GPU utilizing.

Main thread:
I'm thinking: we have graphic cards with 8, 16, 24, 32 gigabytes (or even more) of RAM on board, we can connect them together (for example with NVLink) and get the pool of that memory. If that is not enough, we can even use the CPU RAM. At that point, the biggest struggle with GPU rendering is solved. Maybe it's time for you, Render Legion, to implement wonderful Corona rendering algorithms to utilize the GPU? Maybe it's time for the new era, just like in the old times, when Corona saw the daylight for the first time?

What do you think? Maybe I don't have enough variables in that manner, maybe that's not as simple as it looks or maybe there are more difficulties than I can see. Tell me what you think guys and once again - Thanks for such a wonderful 3ds max plugin, that Corona is!

Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 3 hotfix 2 and corona 4 hotfix 1(Corona bugs)
« Last post by maru on Yesterday at 13:38:17 »
Hi, please try the following:
1) Uninstall any other renderers that you currently have in 3ds Max. Then try again.
2) Remove all licensing files as instructed in point 3 here, then try again:
Please let us know about the results.
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