Author Topic: 360 stitching with kodak sp360 4k  (Read 1160 times)

2016-09-06, 15:48:59


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Wondering if anyone here is using a kodak sp360 4k or similar and what you use to stitch the 2 files together?

The default software is rubbish, i find it clamps the hell out of anything you put into it. the jpegs save out at about 1mb in size but have an 8k resolution. Doesn't seem right to me when trying to keep quality and their support hasn't responded to my emails, thought i dont think they actually have any support.

I've tried stitching the video with kolor autopano video pro, it actually stitches really easily and fast but its only the trial at the moment so im left with watermarks, dont want to buy something when there might be a better option but it definitely keeps the quality that pixpro stitch lost.
I also cant seem to stitch together stills with autopano...odd that i can easily knock together a video but the stills just dont seem to be recognised with the autopano pro side of the suite.

anyway, if any of you have any recommendations or tips that would be great