Author Topic: Corona Renderer interfaces inaccessible?  (Read 1394 times)

2016-10-26, 10:28:54


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Hi there,

just a question, I want to quickly access the Corona's VFB, so, I need to reach it via MAXScript.

I found it under interfaces, namely CoronaFp interface, but it seems the interface is inaccessible? How come?

Here's my simple inspection code:

Code: [Select]
getInterfaces renderers.current
showInterfaces renderers.current
  Interface: CoronaFpTest
  Interface: CoronaFp
    <integer>showVfb <boolean>show
    <integer>loadAndResume <string>exrFilename
    <integer>dumpVfb <string>exrFilename
    <integer>parseViewexp_INTERNAL <maxObject>viewExp <maxObject>outCamera
    <integer>setDisplayedChannel <integer>channel
    <value>getVfbContent <integer>channel <boolean>toneMapping <boolean>renderStamp
    <integer>exportScene <string>filename <boolean>renderImmediately
    <double>getStatistic <integer>statisticId
    <color by value>getBlackbodyColor <float>temperature
    <integer>loadDrIpFile <string>filename

I cannot getInterfaces() on the Corona renderer's object. It shows them, but doesn't return.

Is this a bug? Or a weird feature?

Thanks in advance!

2016-11-10, 20:25:56
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2016-11-11, 12:19:49
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Just do this : CoronaRenderer.CoronaFp.showVfb true

2016-11-11, 17:18:41
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Sorry for the lack of response Loocas! Is Mrshawn's solution enough for you, or are you still experiencing some problems with that?