Author Topic: Version differences and their purpose  (Read 6177 times)

2017-06-05, 13:19:36


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it looks there is a little confusion in Corona for Cinema 4D versioning so here is a summary:

Daily build - it is development build of the latest Corona for Cinema 4D source codes i.e. there can't be new daily build of the older version than the current one currently in development. It helps us to test our work continuously. When we implement something, and we want to make sure it will also work on other machines and systems than our development one we simply take the latest source codes from that day, and we release daily build to test it. For these reasons version can be quite unstable and buggy.

Release candidate - when current development version has all planned features implemented we start to release the release candidates. Their purpose is to find and fix all remaining bugs. No new features should be added to release candidates, but when it is not a significant change, and it is connected to some bug fix a small feature could also be added to release candidate. The number of release candidates is not planned, and stability of them only limits it.

Stable release - when the latest release candidate is stable enough (all major bugs are fixed) we release the stable version. It is stable version so it is used by render farms.

Hotfix - when some major bug appears in the already released stable version we take the source code of it and we fix only the bug, no new features are added so it becomes the latest stable version. Because it is the most stable version is used by render farms.

Daily build"Beta 1 daily build 2017-05-17" or "Daily build 2017-05-17" or "2017-05-17",40.0.html
Release candidate"Beta 1 release candidate 1" or "Beta 1 RC 1",40.0.html
Stable release"Beta 1" or "B1" - precommercial release or "1.0" - commercial release
Hotfix"Beta 1 (hotfix 1)" or "Beta 1.1" or "B1.1" - precommercial release or "1.0 (hotfix 1)" or "1.0.1" - commercial release