Author Topic: Tessellation Displacement preview in the viewport  (Read 740 times)

2018-01-17, 04:27:01


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It would be neat if CRN mats supported viewport displacements.
We could get a much better preview of how the displacement would look like in Corona as noises are often rendered differently and also get a good preview on the water level.
I think that it might work even better with the way Corona offers displacements. The px/unit size of Corona and the viewports tessellation option for projected or whole scale divisions are similar.

And finally,  we wouldn't need to create a  native material that we have to switch to see the preview.
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2018-01-17, 04:54:13
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plus 1, (if Possible)
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2018-01-17, 11:51:10
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Nejc Kilar

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I totally agree with the request!

While we are at it I'd be super thrilled to have "full" support for the R19 viewport - with CoronaMTLs of course.

I wonder if the viewport is any more "open" to develop for with R19. :)