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2018-05-23, 19:01:32


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It will be handy if we have Corona Light Tag, it will easier in older files and with other render engine files.
Place tag and do minor required settings instead of change all lights and resize and position it.

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2018-11-03, 03:49:02
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I disagree. Having the native light of C4D + a tag from the external renderer is not great as most options doesn't work. With a renderer light you know exactly what works since they removed all the superficial options.

Little trick : Place your Corona light under your C4D native light, and click on PSR, magic, the Corona Light has now the same position as your C4D light. You still need to adjust light intensity, spread, form type etc...
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2018-11-03, 08:21:43
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You could also use the character command "replace with". Select the C4D light, "replace with" then select your Corona light. ;)