Author Topic: Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max released!  (Read 1795 times)

2018-06-25, 21:57:49


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Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max released!

Full details and download:

Some of the highlights:
- Heterogeneous media rendering (Phoenix FD, FumeFX, OpenVDB, new “Inside Volume” mode in the CoronaVolumeMtl)
- Compatibility with VRayMtl and VRayLight even without V-Ray installed (for assets from V-Ray 3.60 or newer; assets from earlier versions may work, but not guaranteed)
- Over 110 new materials in the Material Library, plus Real World Scale and Triplanar used wherever possible
- Advanced bokeh effects: Center Bias, Vignetting, Anisotropy
- Corona Official Toolbar

Read full details about all the above, plus everything else there isn't space to mention, over in the blog:

For those of you who have tried Corona before and your 45-day trial expired, we've automatically refreshed the demo period to give everyone an extra 14 days so you can try out all the new features! Simply download and install Corona Renderer 2, and you can activate the refreshed demo period right from within 3ds Max. Enjoy!