Author Topic: Arran sweaters and Wool shop  (Read 237 times)

2018-08-28, 10:52:42

Philip kelly

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Good morning.
I am currently working on a shop interior, and the client is asking for a lot of very specific wool items Arran sweater, scarves etc.
The interior is not like to ones you see in the forums here of a few items but hundred of items packed in.
Has anybody ever done this and how did you handle the file sizes.
I have at the moment 8 refs, structure  shop fit out, Mannequins, baskets, sweaters, scarves, propos, hats, waistcoats etc.

Any Other question, is there a way to work on a ref file without going out of the main file each time you want o make a change to the ref file.
Microstation had a feature were you could swap the file your working on with in the main file and resave, all on the fly?

Thank you in advance.

Dell Precision T7910