Author Topic: Corona Mask Element RGB Not Pure Colors CIE  (Read 320 times)

2018-10-09, 19:33:30


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Hi all,

I've been trying to track down what causes Corona Mask Elements when set to RGB mode to not save out with pure RGB colors.  I have a couple of observations and would appreciate any insight.

We tend to save out as .cxr to give us the ability to adjust the light-mix in post.  Often if we do not need to adjust the light-mix for a particular image we open the .cxr image in the Corona Image Editor and do a save all elements to .exr.  Frequently when we open these .exr's in Photoshop the Mask Elements do not have pure RGB colors and come in looking muted, like they were saved out with a different exposure or tone mapping has been applied to them.  In some cases these problematic Mask elements look in the Corona Image editor like they do have have pure RGB colors (but save out muted) and in other cases within the editor they appear muted (and save out muted).  However, if you change the extension of a problematic Mask element from .cxr to .exr it opens with the correct pure RGB colors in Photoshop.  I think for this reason there is some issue with the Corona Image editor in opening and saving these elements.