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2018-10-16, 08:30:32


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Since my birthday is coming up in a few months, I wanted to make sure that I get everything I want. No ponies this time, I don't feed them anyway.
All these requests are relevant to C4D only.

-Corona Distance Map | This has been on the list for quite some time and aside from multiple AOs, we don't have any working shader that could be used to simulate it. The proximal shader was good, but slow in C4D's AR, in CRN it takes ages.  It would be awesome if the fall-off could be user controlled via a spline.
Getting a (very useful) feature that isn't one of the latest things like openVDB etc. should be more of a priority.

- A metal material mode in the spec. channel | I know that this might fit better into the core feature wishlist section, but because it's tied closely to C4D materials (conductor mode) I'll add it here. This would make conversion a bit less tedious aside from being enormously useful.

- An invert checkbox to glossiness | this would save time by not having to manually invert roughness maps. It'd be great if it would automatically change to the metallic/roughness workflow when the metal mode is activated. The checkbox, however, should always still stay.

Support for:
- Blur (Smoothen) | Sometimes displacements, especially procedurally generated ones need to be softened. The blur-offset/-strength always did a good job. This doesn't work in the DSP channel. Plugging it into multiple shaders doesn't solve the issue.

- Chanlum shader | A native C4D shader that emulates the scattering of fuzzy surfaces without the need for hair and can be used beneath/additionally to hair.

- Lumas Shader | This was basically an old reflection shader with multiple highlights. However, it can be used in AR to mask out AO where there shouldn't be any (eg: areas hit by direct sunlight). Currently, the shader only works within volumes.
A newer or VRay like version with day/night side would be quite useful.

@Everyone, feel free to post your shader wishes here.
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2018-10-25, 16:29:07
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I totally agree on having a metal material mode in spec channel.
Also agree an invert checkbox to glossiness.

Both of these would help speed up creation of metal materials for sure.