Author Topic: Are you a freelancer or a small studio and you need some help?  (Read 876 times)

2018-10-25, 09:36:27


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Hello everyone,

We are a boutique studio based in Lithuania and our name is Faktor.
We are a team of two and we joined our forces a few months ago to further improve our skills that help us to deliver quality work. 
If you're a freelancer or a studio and you need some help because of heavy workload or too tight deadlines, we can offer you an extra hand when needed.
We're looking for long-term relationship and are also open for discussion.

If you're interested please contact us here:


Thank You & have a good day.

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2018-11-28, 00:14:48
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Hi guys,

I will keep you in mind for any upcoming jobs.

Are you any good with exterior images? Your interiors are great btw