Author Topic: Corona Renderer 3 for Cinema 4D released!  (Read 2100 times)

2019-01-07, 11:38:12


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Corona Renderer 3 for Cinema 4D released!

Full details and download:

Just some of the highlights:
- Interactive Rendering, to make test renders a thing of the past
- LightMix, to change color and intensity of lights before, during or after rendering
- The Corona Node Material Editor, to make creating materials easier than ever (any version of Cinema 4D supported by Corona Renderer)
- Denoising (CPU, and GPU if you have a compatible NVIDIA GPU)
- Tight integration with Cinema 4D
- Compatibility with many native Cinema 4D lights and materials
- Compatibility with Team Render
- And much more of course!

Existing free beta licenses will stop working after 45 days from this release. Enjoy!
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