Author Topic: Corona Renderer 3 for Cinema 4D (Hotfix 1) released!  (Read 2784 times)

2019-01-18, 19:52:38


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Corona Renderer 3 for Cinema 4D (Hotfix 1) released!

A few small but important fixes in this one:
  • Fixed the issue when Corona Image Editor showed "Unexpected attribute type." on macOS
  • Fixed broken licensing of Corona Image Editor in some cases
  • Fixed the black non-active multi-pass layers when saved from Picture Viewer during rendering
  • Fixed memory leak when rendering hair
  • Fixed memory leak in Team Render server
  • Animations rendered in Team Render can now be interrupted
  • Fixed rendering of Corona Light with IES in Team Render
  • Fixed a bug in the installer that was causing crashes in libwx_osx_cocoa.dylib

Download this latest version from