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Hello everyone and welcome to my topic.
Here I'll upload my tutorials and making of's with Eng and other subtitles.

Happy viewing and enjoy. More tutorials coming soon.

Best regards, Andrew.

2019-03-07, 14:32:37
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3D-Coat. Making of creature and render it in Corona Renderer. Part 2.

Creating a monster in 3D-Coat and rendering in Corona Renderer - without UV and retopology. Part 2.

Video Content:

0:01 - Intro

0:18 - InfoPartners

0:22 - Important information about turning on of subtitles.

0:29 - Information having an impact on the development of the channel and the output of the following lessons.

0:45 - Continuing to edit the proportions and details of the monster by using the different brushes.

3:03 - Use the Pose tool to correct proportions.

3:19 - Creating a mask and adding details to the base layer by using the Clay brush.

4:00 AM - Adding parts with the Draw brush.

5:25 - Using the Pose Tool to correct a pose.

8:45 - CutOff-brush to remove unwanted parts.

10:10 - I make special masks with the help of Freeze, in order not to touch the separate parts during the editing of the geometry.

10:26 - Continuing to work with the Pose and Move Tool.

10:59 - I draw additional tentacles in voxel mode with the Sphere brush. Also, again - I use Freeze and CutOff.

11:30 Paint texture in Paint-Room and export to FBX.

11:39 - Import models in 3Ds Max.

11:56 - Creating CoronaSkinMtl and configuring VertexColor.

13:43 - Lighting setup in Corona Renderer.
14:15 - The ending.

14:31 -  The ending. Video preview of other lessons. A subscription button.

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Enjoy watching!
Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.