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2019-03-04, 08:45:33


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Hi Guys!

I'm a 3D artist based in Hungary. I started 3D during college then I worked for a small 3D company focusing on heritage visualizations. I went solo about 1,5 years ago. Currently, I'm in the game development industry as a modeler&texture artist.

My portfolio can be seen here:

My goal is to establish a small to middle sized, cloud-based/remote, archviz agency with a strong pragmatical, holistic and goal-driven approach to visualization. I'm looking for a few like-minded artists to join me on my quest, as I don't want to do everything by myself.

If you have something similar in mind, let's have some general networking talk, maybe our ideas click with each other. For now, I don't have any expectations, however, same or similar time zones would be practical. :)

Feel free to contact me on one of these forums:

my skype is:lovaszistvan88

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